World of the Mythica

There is a deeper World.  A place of Wonder, Grace and Magick.  Come discover the World of the Mythica.

World of the Mythica (top)

Frequency Healers at the Eclipse Water Blessing


Mapping out the magickal World


Places – Kauai




The Temple of Agape

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Reflections on Faerie

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The Rainbow Bridge

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Mapping out the New World

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From the World of the Mythica

The Seed Within Each of Us

We each have gifts within us that are intrinsic to our nature. These are the seeds within us that are seeking to sprout and bloom within us. Our unique offering...

The Emergent Garden and our Collective Transformation

There is an emergent world of real magick and wonder, existing at the crux of our being and possibility of its own embodiment. The new world wants to happen thr...

BTS – First draft of mythical visualisations

2017-11-26 – As Joshua and I go deeper into the video presentation enabled by the work done on the Mythica, the Idea for showcasing the deeper octave of c...