Writing for the Mythica

Into the Mythica is a new style of writing.  She is an act of mythic journalism, whereby we embody our character in the Great Story of our shared unfoldment and frame the narrative of our evolutionary adventure as the mythic adventure that it truly is, seen from our awareness of the magickal World that lay beneath the surface.

We are adventurers.  Author-Explorers, charting the as-yet-undiscovered country that lay between the raindrops.  Finding our way to the real magickal World and the sweet nectar of our own unfolding inner seed.

All adventures exist wtihin a landscape.  A topography through which our paths are walked.  As Authors we are exploring that very land, the vibrational dreamscape of mythical awakening that lay waiting to be seen.  In this way, we are providing map-markers, clues for others to explore their own Mythica, to delve deeper into what World they could potentially exist in.

Key to describing this journey across the heroic landscape is presenting our journey as a movement from one locus point to another, walking the rainbow bridge between the roads of the Creation.  Documenting our journey into new realities.

Witnessing the Magickal World – The Art of Arriving

Tools of Authorship

Authors in the Mythica are doing something special.  We’re documenting the journey across that landsacpe as it appears in our actual life.  Reframing, or rather, revealing the mythic experience that is already happening for us.  In this way we are forging a remembrance, a gate of clarity through shamanic narrative, that helps to anchor that reality into the Commonwealth.

Key to this is the way we tell our Stories.  The way we describe our adventure across the underlands of the Mythica.  The manner in which we honour the People, Places and Events that appear on our timeline.  As Author-Adventurers, we are in the very real process of documenting our sacred Path, our adventure across the magickal World, and publishing that to the Mythica from our mobile device.  Journalists of a new era, mapping out the threads of our indiivdual and Collective unfoldment.

Teaching the mystic arts

As Authors in the Mythica, we are applying the principles of the Academy, demonstrating that through doing the work that we can change our reality for the better.  Throughout our writings we present concepts which are proven through our actual experience, whereby we witness the unfoldment of our adventure and share that with the World.

To teach the techniques of the Academy, Authors of Into the Mythica follow a certain set of guidelines meant to illuminate the concepts presented in the Academy in a real-world format.  Our intention is to provide an authentic documentary of witnessing our sacred path in it’s mythic significance, describing our journey deeper into the Mythica, the real magickal World.

Drawing energy from the Deva at Livingwell

Honouring the Natural World

Access to the real magickal World is deeply related to one’s relationship with Nature.  With coming to see the deeper laws of Nature and how they relate to our wholeness.  As Authors, our intention is to track the process of going deeper into that natural, mystical relationship with the World, narrating that within our journey as a proof of movement along the rainbow bridge.

As part of the narrative to describe the natural World, Authors in the Mythica are encouraged to detail their sacred relationship with the Creation, with the arcehtypes of God and Goddess, the Deva, and the much larger atlas of Story that links us all to whole.

Walking the Rainbow Bridge

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