Guardians of the Rainbow Bridge

This article is an reflection on the Journey Home

In my travels across the Mythica I have met many magickal beings.  Over time, particular patterns emerged, constancies in their unique emanations.  Over and over came the energy of the rainbow; the bifrost; the bridge between the octaves of colour.

I have heard the prophecy that the ‘tribes of the rainbow’ will arrive.  In the underplanes of the Mythica; such is visible fact; I am surrounded by the living avatars of such exquisite guardianship; a pantheon of heroic adventurers carrying within them the imprints of a new World.

As with all aspects of the Great Story; there is constancy in our shared manifestations.

In 2008; when I first traveled the sideway highways with the Mythmakers, I was led to a wedding in the realms of the Rainbow Family amongst nymphs and apples; the earlier octave of what I now perceive to be the Galactic.  There, the realmsign was clear as I encountered McLain in perfect synchrony under the auspices of the power of the rainbow.  There was no conscious awareness that this was the gathering that he was going to when our caravans split up on the Path.  Yet here I was, and here he was.  I looked in the underplanes of the Mythica; seeing his great dragon flying forward trailing hues of cosmic paint.  He had come to escort the Families up the mountain to the party.  As I looked to my right, I saw a signpost …

Such is perfect example of how the field speaks to us, showing us the underplanes of the moment. McLain, a guardian of the rainbow; performing his sacred function in bringing the families to safety on the mountain as a rainbow tells the same Story on a passing train.

This would be years before it would clarify; the understanding that I was witnessing the Guardians of the Rainbow in their manifesting; that I was privileged the see the unfoldment.  Yet the deva of the opening light, of the rainbow; was always there.

I would encounter many guardians of the bifrost over the years; observing the ways in which their Stories interwove, in which the great web showed their astronomy and poise.

Among them, nestled in the edgelands within Faerie in green fields of Cascadia would I encounter Jesse and Raven Wynden, twin avatars holding space in the transformational festival realms.  They too were of the rainbow clans, what was known as the rainbow family.  They also bore the scent of the Elves, and of the sacred Family.

It would be years of travel through the realms before my friendship with the noble family Wynden would blossom.  Yet as it did, I came to realize that they; in the tradition of noble free folk; offered sanctuary to McLain’s clan, and then to my Self as we traveled through the realms.  Always Wynden Keep has proven to be a bastion of Light and Love, filled with the bardic emanations of Faerie.


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