Yogas of the Rainbow Bridge

Our life is a rainbow of manifestation. In the context of the Mythica, the path we walk and the inner landscape we navigate are intrinsically connected. To walk the very Rainbow Bridge between realities is to shift the rainbow array of energies that make up ourself, known as chakras in the ancient yogas.

All forms of spiritual practice are relative to changing ourself within, to change our World without. We are made of energy, and when we change this energy into the more healed and whole version of ourself, we may cross the Rainbow Bridge to the brighter and more redeemed version of our reality, where we have more access to the Heaven on Earth paradigm. That the channels within may open to allow the grace and abundance to come through us.

The Rainbow Bridge is a motif that runs throughout our history and collective conscious, in both mythology and spirituality.

What is the Rainbow Tribe? Or a rainbow traveler? What does it mean to cross the many hues of the consciousness, clearing our way to a better world? Where do these ideas originate from?

All across the World, we are bringing through the seeds of ideas relative to the shift in consciousness.

When we approach from the perspective of Unity, each of our individual selves is the expression of Source. We each are extensions of that prime intelligence, channeling ideas that are relative to a larger Movement. Meaning, that looking at each of us as part of a collective conscious, a World Tree whose roots connects us all, we come to see that the ways in which we transform our reality are all relative to that relationship.

Everything and everyone that is medicine upon our path is part of that mosaic, for we are not separate, but rather a unified field of transformation working through us as agents of change, which births the yogas of the Rainbow Bridge. The energy that people channel forward to us is what is more constant, that appears as the patterns and practices that we can use to walk the Rainbow Bridge to a more heavenly earth.

Why is cultivating this perspective valuable? When we see that everything in our lives is part of a larger constellation, a Great Story of shared Awakening and purpose, we come to appreciate the underlying unity that connects us all in the web of life. We come to see it, to feel it directly, and dissolve the separation that causes our issues in the planet at this time. We anchor into Remembrance the Truth, approaching our yogas from the prime world, allowing us to be most effective in our individual and collective healing, heralding in the Golden Age of harmony, prosperity and Heaven on Earth.

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