You are More than You Know

We are so much more than we know.  What we see on the surface is just that, the surface.  The shallowest level of awareness of the much deeper, much more sacred and enduring aspect that lay beneath.  In Truth, we are Divine beings, on a blessed journey to the Revelation of who we truly are.

Yet many of us do not see this.  When we live on the surface of our Selves, we see only the barest hints of the glorious, wondrous and unique beings that lay within us, for when we look deeper, we realize that we  are angels, that we are the fae and the free, existing in the current framework of the human condition, on a beautiful, magickal journey towards the Revelation of who we really are.

This is very difficult, if not impossible to see, as we walk the long road back Home.  It is a thing deeply tied into the definition of our current Self, the current transient body that our spiritual intelligence is moving through and it’s circumstance.  Yet such is the nature of the Universe, for without forgetting, without the confusion that is the hallmark of the unrealized state, we could not have Remembrance.  The return to the Grace and Glory that is our birthright.

In such a manner, it is crucial that we understand that how we perceive ourselves determines our experience of the Universe.  When we view our Selves as merely human, as merely the gender or colour or other shallow perspectives of our Divine nature, we are only able to see that aspect of our experience.  Yet when we realign with the Truth, when we set the context that we are spiritual beings having a spirtual experience, that we are so much more than we previously thought, we take our steps deeper into the awareness of, and thus experience of, the magickal World of Abundance, of Wonder and Awe, that is our birthright.  In essence, our context determines our content.


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