Special Thanks

Special Thanks to:

Cover art for the HomeAcademyAuthorshipTemple of the Rose pages in the Mythica — Christian Wolfe

Evon Eisenberg for years of support and endless nurturing

Allan Lundell and Sun Marian of Future Peak

Tara Aarons of Famous Frames – For artistic inspiration and support

Patricia Faust for the stewardship and care of North the Wolf

Jeffrey Smith, and his generous assistance with SEO Ultimate Plugin


WPENGINE for amazing hosting

Michael Beckwith & the Life Visioning Process

Mindvalley – Whose production of new paradigm education serves us all

Brendon Burchard’s Experts Academy

Joe Vitale, and the Ho’oponopono Process

Adobe Systems, Creative Cloud, whose suite of products have been integral in the creation of this work of Art.

Original Book and Compass Art by Richard Mueller 3232 designs.

The amazing support and design excellence of ThemeCo and the X-Theme, chosen to be the vessel for Into the Mythica

All the people, places and events that have helped this Gift come into form, I thank you.