There is a map to our myth. A landscape to our legend. Beneath the surface of the World lay a deeper and more mystical place. The realm of the Mythica.

Through these Stories we invite You to enter a new reality. To learn the ways of real magic and how to step into a more heavenly Earth. May you be blessed on your journey to who you really are

Read the tales of our Awakening

All across the World, we are Awakening. A tribe of Guardians, embodying the ideals of a brighter World. Coming together to embody a new paradigm of who we can be.

See how our timelines are connected

Discover the timelines of the Akasha, the places where our Paths intersect.

Come to see that there is no separation, that each and every one of us is part of a much larger tale. A Great Story of shared unfoldment. Discovering the ways in which we can transform our relationship with the Land and each other to live in a more heavenly Earth.

Discover the Landscapes of Legend

There is a deeper version of your potential experience.. A place where you can live in a more abundant and harmonious version of your reality. Discover the subtle landscape of the Akasha, and how you can walk the rainbow road to a brighter World.

Learn the Mystic Arts

Learn the techniques used by Mythica Authors proven in their Stories to transform your consciousness and step into the deeper version of yourself.

Walk the Rainbow Road to a New Reality

Go deeper. Discover the roots and branches of the World Tree. Learn to walk the rainbow bridge to a new reality.

Enter the Mythica, and Discover a whole new World.

Read the Introduction to the Mythica Comic Above

There is no separation.
Discover the web beneath the World.
Learn to walk the rainbow road and step into a new reality.