Discover the Maps of our Myth
Walk the Lands of our Legend

Enter the Mythica, and see a whole new World.

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There is a map to our myth. A landscape to our legend. Beneath the surface of the World lay a deeper and more mystical place. The realm of the Mythica.

Through these Stories we invite You to enter a new reality. To learn the ways of real magic and how to step into a more heavenly Earth. May you be blessed on your journey to who you really are

The Teaching Story

There is a Book that is a Door. A portal into the World of real magic. A way of seeing the subtle planes of our awareness.

Before you stands a gate of leaves. A scent of flowers moves through it, triggering memories of happiness and wonder. The leaves flutter, as if inviting you to enter.

A man appears then, a golden cloak wrapped around his shoulders.

“Come and enter” he says, bowing gently and pointing to the gate of leaves.

“Yet every adventure is different” he says, opening up a book. A book with blank pages.

”Through Story, we’ll be learning about that magical place. The realm of real wonder that I call ‘The Mythica’

“There is a language of legend” he says. “A modern hieroglyph that opens the windows on our World. Where Story seeps through the stitches and brightens the cracks of our horizon. “A way of speaking. Of witnessing a new World into being. Come, I will show You …”

In the Mythica, we look beneath the surface of the World. Shifting our awareness to reveal the subtle energies that are always there, waiting to be heard by our open Hearts.

“There are many ways to see the world“ he says, as he opens his hands, revealing a portal between the octaves of perception…

What he says seems incredible. Impossible. Yet still, you wonder … what if?

What if what he was saying was true?

What is there was a way to walk between realities?

Suddenly you look up, and all around you are books. Books in every langugage, books of every color. Books of gold and books of copper, books of whispers and of wine.

”I built her this way to help us all awaken. To help us Remember the magic that has always lain within is.”

“The World of magic is deep. And must be directly experienced. In our own way, we must come to the remembrance, to clear the lens of our perception such that we may see and experience the brighter version of our reality.”

He walks down a corridor, through what feels like an infinite library. Bookshelves lay in every direction, holding space for a horizon of Stories. He pauses, breathing into a smile.

”Our Stories are sacred things” he says, running his fingers across the spines, softly touching the parchment. “They are our personal myth. Our personal legend. The sacred path upon which we walk.

Here in the Mythica, i’ve built a way for us to see those Stories from a new angle. A way to look into the library of our lives. Into the space of the Akasha.”

The scene changes then, revealing a pair of rainbow eyes. Within, you can see the reflection of a road. A rainbow road. A bridge across Worlds.”

“She is a portal” he says. “A window into the Worlds beneath the World. Leading to the places of magic and wonder we have witnessed on the Quest.”

“She is always there for us” he says reverentially. “Waiting. Waiting for us to listen. To awaken to who we really are.”

”Yet to see the World of real magic, we must change the colour of our eyes,finding the rainbow in the rain.”

He pauses, and you feel a tremor, a note of sublime bass, humming through your feet. As if the breath of the World, herself.

”It can be difficult” he says. “So many have forgotten. Yet proof exists. Here, within the hallowed shelves of the Mythica, you will find windows into that sacred place. Photos and Stories witnessed in the World of real magic, to help You find your way Home …”

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