Colors of Consciousness

All throughout my life i’ve had a sense of the colors of consciousness.  When I was a child they overwhelmed me, and I felt like I was drowning in a tidal wave of sensations that changed the very shape of my world.  While over time I came to discern their nature, in the beginning it was pure chaos, a wash of shifting worlds and synesthesia.

Still …the ability was there.  Even then I was aware, though not clarified in that awareness.  There was a sense that I had of the interwoven nature of thoughts and energies, their colors and gravities playing out in a synesthete mix of subtle pressure and imagery which shifted and changed above a more fundamental and constant thing.

It was a sense of being aware of a chromatic holism that existed in all things, like I was shining a searchlight into an ocean of shifting colors that wove together into forms, intricacies of woven substance that pulled on itself with the slightest shift in the energies of my mind and self.

As a child I considered it my mutant power, drawing the definition from my interest in the X-Men and other ways of making sense of the way I experienced reality.  While my clarity on the thunder of vibrations that moved through my world was yet to be earned I was acutely aware that I was feeling a vastness of things ranging from the raw power of the elements and the voices of the deva to the thoughts, emotions and intentions of the people around me.  It felt like a kind of telepathy, yet connected to something even deeper – to an ocean of ripples that somehow made up the world.

In this field, different colors and textures of gravity were distinct, with the various shapes that I felt playing out as shifting geometries related to the events of my life.  While I did not have experience of the word ‘ethers’ until much later, I realized that I was perceiving a fundamental substance of the Creation herself, a ‘prime material’ that seemed to make up the substance of my consciousness and my relationship with life.

Consider this picture.  Envision that the swirling darkness of the clouds and the chiaroscuro created between the luminance of the colors and the the sense of mass between them.  Feel the line of mystery, the dark space below the swirling colors embodying the deeper unconscious layers of the self.  Feel the background of colors as part of a larger ocean that connects us all.  All of these things are part of the divination, occurring through various aspects of one’s sensory palette.  Such is the substance of thoughts and intention, of beliefs and boundaries, of unresolved shadows and trauma and their relationship they have with the expansion and constriction within our self.  It is subtle, it is deep, and it is the swirl of sensation within us all.

Consider this – There are an infinite number of cultures, traditions, civilizations and senses of self-identity in the mythology of the self and it’s incarnations across time and space.  Like any art piece, there is an infinite number of configurations of that primal medium.

From my perspective this is how the medley of thoughts, emotions and other patterns play out,  occurring across my mindseye in a flush of visceral sensations and direct perception all of which I recognize in a meta-way as occurring for me a certain way because of the substance of me  self.  If that’s unclear what I mean by that is that i’m aware that the way I see things is a shape itself, and what I am perceiving is shapes through the shape of that shape.  In this way our magic is both singular and common, for we all work with the colors of consciousness in our own unique way.

In this stroke of lightning and color is the very act of creation itself, the movement from inspiration to manifestation through the ethers of God’s mind.  Such is the nature of magic, of change itself at it’s core, the flow of creativity through the elements of the world.

Where is there separation in the process of this lightning? What threshold does the spark of inspiration breathing through the self extend itself into the material world? What is the difference between these things save the substance of time and space unfolding? 

The answer is nothing.  There is no separation.  No difference.  There is only the shape of the karmic forms as they exist in the continuum of time and space and the realities they manifest as our lives.

In the cosmology of the Mythica, this kind of raw perception lives in the Aethersphere yet is influenced by all the layers of the mind, as all are the same thing seen from our current position in space.  The thing to recognize here is that the way in which we distinguish the colors of consciousness is directly relative to the shape of our own consciousness in the chroma itself.  This is what by the phrase “Mind is made of ether”.  It’s a statement that speaks beyond the definition of mind as the brain and it’s repetitions into a recognition that mind, God’s mind, is the substance of form itself and our shape and story a shape within that shape.

The Chroma of the World

The idea of the colors and sounds of the ether forming the layers of the manifest world is not limited to the self.  Rather, they are the substance of the world herself, including all the landscapes that we experience within and without on our quest.  For some this is difficult to visualize yet seen from a cosmic level of minutia the actual, physical land that we live on is no different from the shapes in one’s consciousness.  Here the recognition that there is no separation between our selves and the landscapes of the planet becomes even clearer and the various axioms of the mystic arts regarding the mirror of the mind ring true.

For those with a discipline of the yogic arts what I am attempting to express can be familiar.  It is the idea that what we experience about the mortal plane occurs within, seen through the lens of karmic threads that creates our point-of-view on the world stage.  What this means functionally is that the way we see the world is akin to looking through a prismatic contact lens, one that bends the shape of everything we are looking at through it’s medley of colors.

Yet while the jump from the concept that our world is made of the elements of the ethers and that there is no separation between our inner state of vibration and where we arrive on the planet is graspable, it is when we truly understand how this funcitons that we gain a grasp on the maps of the magical world.  Such has been the subject of my explorations of the underlands, the landscapes of chroma that underlie our sacred path and are intimately connected to our process of life.

Remember that my perception of the Creation has always been that everything is one thing, made of the primal chroma of the elements themselves.  From this perspective what we experience as our inner landscape of thoughts, emotions and other karmic patterns is ALSO the outer landscape, made of the same essential elements.

How this plays out in our path is mystical, with our self arriving in the very physical, grounded circumstances that mirror our inner world.

Over time the realization that the landscapes of the planet were made of the same substance as everything else would become a deep understanding of the nature of manifest worlds.

Chroma of the Rose

Later, much later on the quest when I first encountered the karmic patterns of the hermetic adepts, I saw that they too had divined the nature of the lightning and the colors of the Creation, forming it into one of the many frameworks humanity had created to navigate their way home.

In that framework, the chroma of consciousness is likened to a rose of many colors which lay at the center of Creation itself.  From this base, the idea that formlessness becomes form through the sounds of color at the heart of the world they work with an entire system of divined associations between the various colors of consciousness and their interpretation of the pattern of the Tree, the armature upon which the Creation is draped.


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