Author: Peter Fae

Devic Medicines

There are many forms of medicine.  Those that come from the natural World carry with them our relationship with the deva, with the intelligences of the Natural World and the Wisdom they carry …  

Soma Lounge

A magickal lounge in the center of Ubud, a meeting place for many avatars of the Galactic.

Places – Kauai

The mystical island of Kauai, embodying the vibrational imprints of the Aloha, of Heaven on Earth.  A major nexus point for many avatars to replenish their powers and receive the seeds of the New Earth from the Goddess  

Places – Scotland

The brilliant and magickal Green realms of Scotland, a common point upon the Incarnate plane for many of the avatars on the journey to Heaven on Earth.  A major point of shared mythology of the fae.  

Totems, Sigils & Glyphs

The Universe is always speaking to us in a language we can understand.  As we travel along the Path, certain totems, glyphs and other events happen that show us the underlying Atlas of our shared Stories…..

Brothers in Water

Joshua Faust and Peter Fae on the Journey deeper into the Mythica …  

Intro Video for Mythica Authors

For Mythica Authors_2 from Peter Fae on Vimeo.   To all the current aspiring Authors of the Into the Mythica project, here’s a brief video and overview on how we’re telling our Stories, meant to help us all Remember that we live in a magickal World, and to learn and showcase the techniques that we use to transform our consciousness and our lives! As always, everything in the Mythi...

The Yoga of Story

Greetings.  I hope you enjoyed the video.  Let me give You a a bit more information on the Mythica project.  I hope you will take the time to move through the site a bit, seeing what is coming. We are all here for a reason.  A Purpose, to transform our lives and fulfill our dharma.  We live in a magnificent time, when techniques exist to transform our consciousness, to step into our birthright of ...

Enlightenment and Manifestation

In my experience, most people don’t want enlightenment.  Not really.  What they really want is manifestation. A prime part of my function in creating in the Mythica has been to honour the human journey.  To honour what it means to have a ‘Self’, which is on it’s own, beautiful, heroic journey from one state of being to another.  Over the course of that journey, I have Reali...