Temple Offerings

As a spiritual platform teaching the mystic arts and revealing the Great Story through the tales of our Authors, the Mythica is funded by singular and monthly donations.

Singular donations are deeply appreciated towards the funding of the temple while tithes to the temple in the form of subscriptions grant monthly access to the inner library and behind-the-scenes content.

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Enter the Temple of Myth.  Understand your sacred Path and walk the heroic journey.
Within the temple you may join a class in Akasha Yoga, receive counsel on your Path, Subscribe to the Adventure Journals of the Authors, and Donate in service to the Awakening.
Learn the Yoga of Story used by the Authors in their heroic journey into the new paradigm.
Discover how...
  • We are all part of a much larger Story
  • To understand the events of your heroic journey
  • To step deeper into your magical embodiment
How we Serve You...
  • Receive teachings on how to interpret your sacred Path as a mythic adventure
  • Learn how to clear the subconscious patterns and shadows that limit your abundance¬†
  • Learn how to navigate the synchronicities of your life to live in a more magical World

Receive guidance and healing from our Akashic Yogis.  Heal your Story.

Clear your limitations with Akasha Yoga, embody your highest self and step into a more magical World.

III - Follow the Quest

Want to go deeper into the magical World and access the Journals and Academy library?
Follow the Quest of Mythica Authors as they reveal the magical World along the rainbow bridge to Heaven on Earth.

Discover the physics of the quest which underlie all Stories and open a window into Wonder.

Click on a subscription to learn more

IV - Donate to the Temple

Sometimes you only have a little.
Sometimes you have a lot.
As a sacred institution teaching the yogic arts, the Mythica accepts donations of Love and Appreciation from fellow agents of change in all forms.

Please click below to donate to the Mythica project and learn how we can work together for a brighter World.