Fields of Faerie

What do you think of when you hear the word ‘faerie’? What images come to mind? Are they of musicians and dancers, of poetry and loss and the edges of the shifting forests? Are they an interaction with the vast elemental spirits which sustain the land? Is it a journey of mushrooms and magic where we hear the hidden song of the world? Faerie can mean so much to so many people, her definitions as endless as the ways we see ourselves in the water.

I know this from personal experience, as my journey through the World Tree brought me to the very iterations of faerie as she existed in this Age, to the people, places and events which were still connected to the pulse and hum of the voices within the land, and who held space for the sweetness and bitters of a poets life.

Without doubt, Faerie is one of the brighter realms of the Creation, a place between the remembrance of our dreams as children and the deep recognition of how small we are in the face of the forest. It is a place that exists both within and without the self, where the qualities of our consciousness find themselves adrift in streams of music anchored down by the beats of skin on drums, where the people still find resonance and recognition in the smells and sounds of each other in the forest and where freedom is an everyday word.

I have spent much time in the realms of Faerie and in the company of her peoples, finding myself in the company of priestesses and bards, of paladins and queens and the many archetypes of an Avalonian Age while traveling the string of synchronicities that has been my sacred path, through the tones of aka which define those places in the underlands of our myth.

My path through Faerie has been deep and varied, ranging from my connection with the deva loci of New York city and the intelligence of Central Park to the high mountains of Tahoe where I studied the arts of divination. It is a thing which has taken me across temples and travels.

Of the many realms i’ve visited across the underlands of the Mythica, it is those of the Celtic and Norse mythos and their associated peoples that have most frequented my path. Whether they have appeared in the form of Hjeron O’Sidhe’s viking circus, Jesse Wynden’s elfin home or the flutes of Noah McLain or other, my path has been replete with avatars representative of the very mythos of Faerie across the worlds.

2009 – “Faerie Roads” with Noah McLain & Patience Yanderling

One of the most significant stories on the Quest was when I traveled to Scotland in 2009 with Patience Yanderling and Noah McLain, finding our way across the emerald landscapes of that ancient place. We had gone as a result of a vision that i’d had to travel the Faerie Roads as bards of the new earth, documenting the story along the way. It had been an investigation for me into why such things were occurring in my field, why I had come to know characters like Noah and Patience in my travels and the myth and meaning beneath our travel.

2010 – “Livingwell”
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