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Realms are the territories of the underlands.  They are the of the subtle world which exists within and without the self.  They are the territories of the underlands, the worlds within the world, and are made of karmic impressions in the form of aka. Realms are what one travels through on the rainbow road.

Realms are a state of being defined as a location

In the simplest of definitions, realms are a state of being defined as a location. In the cosmology of the Mythica, they are the territories of consciousness that we move through along the rainbow road. They are the idea that when we are in a particular version of ourself we are living in a reality which relates to that version. In this context, the manifest conditions of our reality are a realm.

Realms are an expression of the principle of “As Above So Below – As Within So Without”, and can be seen as the worlds which exist upon one’s personal tree of life, on the axis mundi of their potential self. They are both internal and external. One can be in realms of peacefulness and harmony while all around them is chaos and uncertainty. Likewise, one can be in total disarray within a peaceful circumstance.

As we along the of our life across the planet, we move through the realms, along the string of synchronicities which define our inner and outer experience.  Yet while it is beautiful to travel outwardly on one’s journey, it is not necessary.  At their core, realms are both the inner and outer landscapes of the world, and are accessible to all in one way or another..  It depends on who we are being.  You could walk for a lifetime, and stay within the same realms. Or you could sit perfectly still, and move through them all.

Realms can be described as worlds onto themselves, hanging like leaves from the branches of the World Tree, and are accessed by passage along the rainbow bridge. They are the essence of the multiverse of possibilities that exists between the Stars and the Soil, embodying the manifest worlds of consciousness itself.

Realms are an expression of the idea of “As Above So Below – As Within So Without”, that we live in the outward expression of our own vibrational substance, and form the substance of the multiverse of our possibility. One can be in a realm of lavish fortune and flushness of vitality, loved and appreciated, or one can live in scarcity, aching for love and tenderness. The possibilities are infinite, for the realms are the geography of earth and sky combined – the stage on which our stories unfold.

Realms are made of karmic conditions in the form of aka

What our world looks like on the surface of the terrasphere is just the tip of the iceberg, for within that world lay a vast weave of karmic impressions which form the real landscape of our story.

As part of the underlands, realms are made of qualities of consciousness which manifest as our personal and collective realities. They are the chromatic undercurrent of our thoughts and experiences, the territories of our path as it moves across the timeline of our story.

We are always moving through realms. Always moving through the electromagnetic colors of our own substance of self. They are the palette of the worlds, the patterns which form the landscape of our stories.

Realms are intrinsically related to the idea of archetypes, to the patterns of identity and transformation which exist in the akasphere of consciousness and which manifest as our paths and personal realities. They are the qualities of story and of element which define our journey, a landscape of archetypes upon which our story unfolds.

What makes up the realms

Elemental Lands
Archetypes of Consciousness
Chroma of the self

Realms are the chroma of our chakras and the qualities of consciousness they embody seen as a landscape, a movement which occurs across the length and breadth of our soul’s journey through life. They are the manifestation of the axis mundi, the tree of life that supports our story.

Within the framework of the Tree of the World, realms are the impressions of one’s mythos as it unfolds across one’s story. They are the landscapes within and without created from the chromatic substance of one’s electromagnetic signature. Our story is defined by it’s movement through the realms, through states of being defined as a location.

As we make our way through life, we move through a subtle landscape.  A territory made of our own inner topography.  A landscape of archetypes which correspond to the condition of our subtle body.

Realms of the rainbow road across the layers of the land

In this way the rainbow road moves through a geometry of synchronicities upon which sit patterns of aka and which manifest as the realms of our manifest worlds.

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