world tree

The soil of the mortal plane. The earthly component of the Stars and the Soil, holding the memories of the worlds within the world.

Mythologies exist for a reason.  They are the echoes of remembrance, of the Knowing that sits beyond the limited horizons of our blossoming consciousness.  Across the many spiritualities and religions that dot the landscape of our beautiful planet, there is the Idea of a Great Tree, a World Tree, whose branches connect all of the Creation.  Such is a concept deeply tied into the rainbow bridge (road) and our journey to the manifestation of Heaven on Earth.Understanding the nature of the World Tree can be challenging, for like all aspects of the Surface and Subtle perception of reality, it’s branches are far more than they appear on the surface.

The World Tree is the Material Plane

In the most basic of ways the World Tree is the material plane, the framework upon which the wheel of time spins.  It is the lattice for the loom of our lives and the many threads of Fate and Fortune which define our stories.  Within the infinite weave of roots and branches throughout the framework of this subtle structure lay ALL the geometries of our stories across all space and time, in all dimensions of Heaven and Earth.

As the framework for the subtle atmospheres of the planetary consciousness, the World Tree is the fundamental structure upon which all life occurs.  It is the armature upon which all realms and realities are hung, the web that holds the worlds.  When we travel along the thread of our timeline, it is the World Tree that we move through.

As with all aspects of our perception of reality, the World Tree can be witnessed from the surface and subtle planes of our awareness.  Just as the gross physical manifestations of our reality is but the surface perception of a much deeper elementalism, so does the World Tree exist in both the “physical” and “energetic” octaves of it’s own Nature.

The Source of Synchronicities

There is a web beneath the World. A pattern of synchronicity which underlies all the circumstances of our lives.

The synchronicities of our lives are not random. They are the expression of the deeper patterns of cause and effect which stretch across many bodies and lives, unifying all our individual experiences within a cohesive whole. Intrinsically connected to the substance of the Earth.

All our sacred Paths are part of the World Tree, walking the roots and branches of our many realms across space and time. In the Mythica, we track those paths, revealing the shape of the Tree and how you can travel the rainbow road between it’s branches to a new reality.

In simplicity, all Worlds exist, fluttering like leaves on the branches and rootwork of the World Tree.  To walk the rainbow bridge is to move between these worlds, moving across the many realms of the Akasha.  In this context, the Tree is not so much a tree as we classically understand it, but a vast and all encompassing network of interwoven roots, connecting all the parts of Creation.  It is the Heart of Gaia, the nature of form in the Earth plane.

In essence, the skein of stories is another way of seeing the World Tree, of witnessing the movement of the roots and branches that create the synchronicity beneath our stories.

There are many ways to see this, yet the simplest understanding is that as we move along the roots and branches of our own axis mundi we simultaneously move through the Tree of the World. When we shift positions in the World Tree we move to a completely different reality, to another position in the lattice of synchronicity that holds our stories together.

The World Tree

Tree of Life.- World Tree

The Tree of Your Life and the Tree of the World are different aspects of the SAME thing.

There is no separation. No separation between our self and it’s circumstance, no separation between our selves and their relations, no separation between our selves and the world. If this basic thing were understood the entirety of our paradigm of life would shift drastically, moving us closer to the embodiment of a more heavenly earth. It would define the ethos of our relationship with the planet and each other, granting us the framework necessary to map the journey to a more heavenly earth. There is no separation – we are all one unified being made from the primal elements of the Universe as they exist as the planet.

We are a part of the Pattern of Life

On a basic level, this means that our nervous system, the pathways in which impulses travel across our spine to the various systems of our body, is a fractal of a much larger thing.  It is the individual expression of a more collective pattern, the intricacy of interconnectedness that is the much vaster nervous system of the planet herself.  As we come to understand this, to see that there is no separation between our current character and the much larger pattern of which it is a part, we start to gain a perspective on the nature of realms, the individual realities which we experience along the roots and branches of the flower of life.

Layers of the Tree

In the cosmology of the Mythica there are five layers to the World Tree, each of which defines an entire atmosphere in the subtle body of Gaia.  As aspects of that planetary consciousness in human form, we experience these layers in our own subtle bodies as we move along our sacred path, a process which takes us through the many Realms of the Mythica.

These are the layers of the land.

The World Tree is the expression of Divine Intelligence as it expresses itself through Gaia. It is the subtle and causal nervous system of the Creation, of which our human experience is a small part. All realities exist within this pattern, extending infinitely across time and space. As human beings, we are part of this pattern, a small microcosm of that much larger system of connections. To see this, we must start from the basic premise that the layers of our subtle energy body are mirrored in the layers of the larger planetary body, and that our movement along our timeline happens through these simultaneously.

We are an extension of the World Tree. Intrinsically connected to the roots and branches of Gaia’s subtle ecosystem. As part of that foundation, our body serves as a microcosm of that Tree, the axis mundi between the many realities of our potential.


Roots and Branches

In the cosmology of the Mythica there is a physical structure in the subtle layers of form which defines our path and it’s landscape.

All the stories in the world can be seen as passage along the roots and branches of the World Tree, their Characters walking their interwoven timelines across the patterns of time and space.

What’s important here is to realize that the Tree of Life is a monocarnate and transcarnate structure, something that exists in the perception of one’s current incarnate life and the many lives and legends we have lived before.

Each individual walks their own path across the World Tree, on the unique blend of roots and branches that makes up their Axis Mundi. The basic understanding here is that your Path and it’s Land happen on a subtle branch of the World Tree.

This is the most simple thing. It is the thing-to-understand. It’s seeing your timeline as having a subtle yet physical foundation.

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