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Synchronicity is the quality of multiple events happening simultaneously. It is the glue which holds our stories together. Through witnessing the synchronicities of our lives, we come into divination of our mythos and our part in the Great Story, which can also be seen as the indric net.

What is most important to understand here is that synchronicity is neutral, that whatever our particular story and set of conditions are, they are happening in synchronicity. In this way, synchronicity transcends the various ideologies and interpretations of our characters and their conditions in the universe.

In the cosmology of the Mythica, synchronicities happen along the timeline of our story, and are part of the roots and branches of the Tree of Life in it’s singular aspect as our nervous system and it’s collective aspect as the World Tree. What this implies is that the synchronicities of our life happen somewhere on the planet. That no matter who we are or what we are doing in our life, it is happening at some moment in space, time and the dimensions of being. In this way, synchronicity forms the lattice for our legends, the neutral weave which links our stories together.

Synchronicity is what ties together the scenes in our story.