Mythos is one of the principles of myth, of our life and it’s legend alongside Logos, Eros, Kairos, Mystos, Pathos and Ethos. She is the holder of the karmic pattern which defines our idea of path and purpose. Between her fingers lay the flickering constellation of our life’s story, it’s revelations unfolding over the course of our soul’s journey. She is the idea of our Story made real, the mother of meaning and it’s interpretations.

Understanding our mythos is directly related to realizing that we are playing a character in the Great Story. It is looking at the sculpture of our self and it’s karmic conditions, at the very idea of identity itself and the ripples it moves through along it’s story. Yet seeing our mythos is difficult, for it is a subtle thing that expresses itself over time. In order to track it’s manifestation, we must look at the synchronicity of events in our life.

Like all aspects of being and becoming, one’s mythos orients around their axis mundi, around the tree of life that makes up one’s body.

As sculptures in the clay of consciousness, each of our mythologies is different, made of the very qualities of consciousness which embody our story. For some this is the journey of the female form, or through the qualities of the feminine as they play out in the substance of their story. For others it is something different, for it is all our shared mythologies which make up the Great Story.

For others it is the quality of the masculine. For some, it is the movement through the realms of fire, through the signs associated with it’s element.One can have the mythos of the masculine warrior, made from the substance of that story.

From the Quest – Principles in Action

On the Journey Home the expression of the principle of Mythos in expression was and continues to be the embodiment of my story, the ‘Myth of Peter Fae’. Such is the underlying constellation of my character and it’s conditions, my journey into the Mythica and the many avatars of the emergence I have encountered along the way. It is the myth of the journey into the realms of Avalon and Faerie, across the Norse and Celtic roadways and along the rainbow bridge. Such has been the shape of my story, of my mythos, playing the role of Peter Fae in the fields of form.

For me, the mythos of my life involved my movement from New York city in 2002 to the islands of Hawai’i and from there to study the magic at the academy in Lake Tahoe. From there the quest led me to Mt. Elphinstone and into the territories of Cascadia, to my association with the Mythmaker and the realms of Faerieworlds, all part of a larger pattern in the stars and the soil of existence, a constellation of karmas forming a greater thing like notes in a celestial chord.

While this was happening, I was moving through a series of qualities of consciousness, of archetypical energies that played out along the scenes and synchronicities of my story. Over time, I came to see that there was a correlation between the patterns, between where I arrived on the surface of the world and where I moved through that archetypical landscape of qualities, and how those things together formed the maps of my myth and the landscape of my legend.

Seen at a deeper level, this movement through the realms of the Celtic and Norse mythologies was also a movement through the qualities of consciousness that made up my karmic load, the patterns which were my portion of the distortion to clear along the way. Seen on an energetic level, this was the movement through the hues and chroma of my chakras, the rainbow within manifesting as my story without.