Logos is the principle of the origin of all things. The law which holds the Creation together. It is one of the principles of story alongside Eros, Kairos, Mythos, Mystos, Pathos and Ethos. It is in essence the word of the Creator that gives rise to the structure of our stories. Also known as the ‘Word of God’. This is the idea that all the principles and expressions which exist in the cosmos are the result of the Big Bang viewed as a titanic sound, one which set the many karmic impressions through the ethers of the Creation into motion. It is the birth of existence recognized as a Word of opening, setting the story of separation and its resolution into motion.

In this context, Logos is essentially the Law. The origin-principle that gave rise to everything else. It is the substance of the Divine Will, that which sits behind the many transformations and acrobatics of incarnate consciousness, that which gave rise to everything else.