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Ka Kr Ku


Chronos is the quality of Time and of Space. S/he is the principle of placement within space as it applies to the mortal condition. In the most basic and impersonal way Chronos refers to the essence of Time itself, that which defines the journey through life and death across a multitude of forms. Alongside Logos, Eros, Mystos, Mythos, Pathos and Ethos.

On a personal level Chronos becomes Kairos, the when and where of things happening along your story. Here the personification of Time and Space becomes recognized as a point along one’s timeline, a specific instance in which something happens, in which there is a significant moment of change along the scenes of one’s story.

When, Where, What and with Who

To perceive the mythos beneath our lives we must engage in a divination and discernment into the When, the Where and the What in our lives. Such is the essence of timing itself, the ‘when’ something happened, the ‘where’ it happened and ‘what’ it was. Even deeper within this is the idea of ‘Who’ we are with at the time, and what elements move through the scene in our shared stories.