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Axis Mundi

At the core of all mystics arts is the idea that we live in the substance of our own consciousness, that the pattern which exists “within” us manifests “without”, and what is “above” manifests “below”. On the most basic level, this idea is expressed through the axis mundi, our Tree of Life, and is the basis for all movement from one reality to another. Understanding this is crucial for transforming our consciousness and thus our reality.

The basic idea of “As Above So Below – As Within So Without” is a timeless one, stretching back across the many cultures and shapes of civilization. In a nutshell, it is the idea that one’s consciousness is a sacred mirror, and that our manifest reality in the “outer” world is a reflection of the state of our consciousness in the “inner” world. Along the same lines, it is the idea that the pattern of our life in the Heavens is reflected in the Earth, that our self is the axis mundi, the point of singularity that gives rise to the mirror.

At the core of the idea of moving from one reality to another is that of an axis. A central point around which all realities revolve. It is the axis mundi, the “axis of worlds” and is the basis of manifestation at it’s core. Everything about your journey into the Mythica revolves around the axis mundi – around your personal Tree of Life.

The Axis Mundi is the secret of travel between realms.  It is the embodied understanding of the mystical principle “As Within, So Without” and “As Above, So Below”, the universal truth that our outer reality is a reflection of our inner.  Such is the basis for travel between different realities, for it is only by changing our inner world that we change the outer for they are one and the same.

“As Above, So Below – As Within, So Without”

Your world revolves around you.  Around the vibrational substance of your story, where everything you experience in the outer world is a reflection of something within you, within your subtle and causal body.

In order to travel through the many realms of the Creation, one must learn to transform their inner world.  They must come to see the paths and patterns of their life and make the choices necessary to shift those patterns.

At it’s core this is a process of divination.  An inquiry into what is going on within us.  It’s the process of looking into our patterns.  Into our personality.  Into what makes us who we are, and how we can change that.

At the core of this is the idea of the Axis Mundi.  The understanding that you are living in your world, and that your world is made of patterns.

Your patterns are stored in the axis mundi – your spine & twine

Where do those patterns exist in our self?  In our consciousness as patterns of energy.  Patterns which move through our body along our spine and nervous system.  It is these patterns, moving through our electromagnetic essence, that are our unique reality.  They are our karmic conditions.  The basis for our personality itself.

In the context of the Mythica, we refer to this framework as the Tree of Life.  It is the trunk of the tree of your life and the roots and branches of the nervous system which grow outwards from that base.  It is your spine and twine, the fundamental structure that moves the energy of life through your body.  It is the architectural basis for your existence.

Movement through the Creation happens both WITHIN and WITHOUT

The Law of Reflection is the fundamental principle that defines the journey from one reality to another.  It’s the understanding that on an electromagnetic level, we live in the ripples of our own consciousness.  That our outer reality is a reflection of the inner.  On the basis of this Law, we understand that if we want to change our outer world, we must change our inner.  

This is not a small thing.  In fact, it’s the basis for every self-development program on the planet.  It’s the basis for healing, for wholeness and manifestation.  It is the idea that by changing our inner world we change our outer, which implies that the source of our manifest world is not our outer circumstance, but the inner.  Such is the basis for the magical axiom “As Within, So Without”, the idea that we live in the mirror of our manifest mind.

The Law of Reflection is the principle which defines the realms of reality that we move through on our timeline.  It’s the fundamental idea of ‘as within, so without’ made manifest – the understanding that whatever we have going on “within” will manifest “without”, in the world of our manifestation.

This means that if we’re made of the inner vibrations of scarcity, we will encounter scarcity in our outer world.  In comparison, if we’re made of the vibrations of abundance, we’ll encounter abundance.  This applies across the board.  If we have an inner landscape of incoherence, our outer world will be incoherent.  If our inner world is clear, our outer world will be too, for they are one and the same.

In many ways, to clean and clear one’s sacred mirror, resolving the relationships and reflections that occur along one’s timeline, is the journey of healing itself.  It is the processing of the shadows and impressions which arrive in that sacred reflection, changing the shape of our self so as to clear the debris along our road to a more heavenly earth.

The reflection of one’s vibrational substance is always around then, always appearing in the manifestations of their life.