Heaven on Earth

There is a dream shared by us all. An inspiration and an idea that we can live in a more expansive, more harmonious and beautiful version of our world. That we can transform the conditions of our lives and live in a more heavenly version of our reality. It is this idea that fuels the journey into the Mythica, that through our efforts and evolution we can awaken our consciousness and transform the shape of our world.

Yet what does it mean to live in heaven on earth? Does it simply mean that we are happy and joyful with the experiences of our lives? Does it mean that we live in a verdant jungle or travel the world with all the money and freedom we could ask for?

The idea of heaven on earth is deeply related to that of living one’s best life, of living in embodiment of one’s most awakened, most expansive version of self. In it’s essence it is the goal of self-development on an individual level and part of our global evolution past the distortions and shadows of the old paradigm to the new. Seen in the ancient and modern mythology, it is the literal journey back to the Garden of Eden, to the manifestation of an aligned relationship with the larger forces of Nature which define the mortal condition.

As explorers finding their way to a new and more awakened version of our self and it’s r. ality, our quest is defined by the promise of a beter world. In our effort to transform our consciousness and unlock the potential treasure that lay within our selves, it is this goal – the achievement of a more heavenly earth for ourself and others, which defines both the path and the land.