If one were asked to name the major patterns that everyone is moving through in this Age of humanity, Abundance, the manifestation of resource to survive and thrive in the game of life, would be the top of the list.  It is a prime, connected to the roots of life itself, to the money and food that we often require to simply exist.

Access to the Assets

Understand our relationship to Abundance is a deep process, one that demands we face the shadows of value that exist in the subtle and causal layers of the Tree of Life.  Yet as we do this, as we dissolve the patterns of limitation that prevent our perception and reception of the ideas and inspirations which will lead us to the treasure we seek, we discover that the abundance we were looking for has always been there, always surrounding us, waiting patiently to be seen.

Have you ever tried to look at the bottom of a pool of water, yet were unable to see it’s depths because of the rippling on the surface? This is exactly the way the ethers of the mind affect our perspective of reality.  While the treasure is there, we cannot see it, for the ripples of our mind distort the image. The basic idea here is that we are looking through the elements that make up our mind, and by definition, this colors our entire viewpoint and relationship with reality.  In this there is both bondage and adventure, for it is through the mirror of our mind that we interpret and manifest worlds. This is where the distinction of how we’re approaching our story comes in.  When we are in the romance with our story, the goal is to divine, discover and express the highest potential pattern that can exist for us.  It is a constant investigation into the various occurrences which make up our timeline of experience, one which gradually reveals our sacred purpose

The Treasure of Others

At the core of having sacred relationships is the understanding that we each carry parts of the Treasure for each other.

Why is this?

The Big Picture defines the small picture. When we are able to see our lives in a monocarnate and transcarnate way, we realize that the access to the assets of consciousness that we desire is tied up in the threads of entanglement we have in our relationships, and that by clearing the distorted patterns that exist between us we gain more access to the treasures which exist within the horizon of our possibility. At it’s core, this is the self-interest in selfless service, as we clear the patterns of the old paradigm through right relationship to embrace more of the abundance that is already there for us in the Creation.