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Surface and Subtle

There is a surface and subtle layer to our perception. What things look like on the surface is but the tip of the iceberg of a much deeper and greater world, one made of the elemental energies of all stories that have ever been and will ever be. Recognizing the energies of the subtle world is key to exploring the worlds within the world.

From “Queen and King”

There are many layers to the world.  Levels of depth and magic that can only be seen when we learn to look below the surface of our perception.  To feel the energies that make up our many powers and presence.

When we are able to do this, we shift our perception into the Mythica, the subtle layer of reality that reveals the hidden world within ourselves.

Surface & Subtle

From – “Lightning in a Bottle”

For there are worlds beneath the world.  Layers of archetypes and embodied myth living within us all.

The subtle layers of the land are the mythosphere, mnemosphere, akasphere and the aethersphere, and are where the landscapes of our legends unfold. They are an expression of aka, the threads of meaning which many as our perceptions and their realities.