Aka are archetypes seen on a structural level. They are the constellations of patterns in the akasphere which combine to form the fundamentals for our experience of meaning. They are made of aka threads, of filaments within the great tapestry of the Akasha which in turn make up our selves and their stories.

In the cosmology of the Mythica, aka are the fundamental karmic threadworks which make up the realms of our experience. They are the meta-patterns, the larger forms whose gravity influences the manifestations of our life.

Seen from a vast perspective, our mythos is made up of aka, of movement through the archetypes of being and becoming as they occur within and outside our self and it’s story. They are the primes, the fundamentals of meaning, the first step beyond the essence of the elements of life. In essence, they are our relationship with what it means to live in the mortal plane.

Aka are the architectural threadworks beneath qualities of consciousness. When we talk about such qualities of ‘Queen’, ‘King’, “The Magician’, ‘The Child”, or any other system of archetype, we are talking about aka. Yet when we speak of realms within the underlands, we are also referring to qualities of aka. In this way, aka are the building blocks for our stories, incorporating both the personal archetypes we negotiate along the way and the landscapes we encounter along our quest.

In essence, all ideas which exist in the world are made of Aka, which is to say they are made of geometries of karmic constellations in the ethers of the akasha which manifest in the material plane.

Aka are the understanding that we are made of stardust and that all the aspects of the manifest world are made of stardust as well. They are the constellations of being and becoming, the smallest units of meaning that exist in a monocarnate and transcarnate way.

When we speak of the manifest world of the World Tree, we are talking about constellations of aka which make up the forms of consciousness – seeing the substance of the self as a collection of patterns which exist within the stars and the soil.