The Akasphere is the subtle biome and atmosphere of Gaia which reveals the roots and branches of the World Tree.  It is the fourth layer of the land, following the Terrasphere, Mythosphere, and Mnemosphere, and precedes the Aethersphere. It is the layer of awareness in which synchronicities and karmic entanglements may be witnessed.  The cloud atlas between Heaven and Earth, illuminating the threadwork of connections between that play out as our mortal selves and is the map of our unity implied by the witnessing of synchronicity over the expanse of many lifetimes and stories.

As a subtle layer of the akasha which transcends the current incarnation of one’s character, the akasphere is where the threadwork of aka threads that make up our timelines across multiple bodies can be seen, the map of cause and effect throughout the Akasha.

To my karmic perception, Aka are the archetypical arrangements of aka threads, proto-concepts of ideas which then manifest within the ethers of consciousness.  They are the proto-forms of things, the architectures of meaning themselves, the way in which things are interpreted and what they represent across the ethers of the consciousness.

In the context of the layers of Gaia, Aka are the archetypical aspects of form that lay in the causal layer of the world, existing as primes of meaning.  They are the primal elements as they occur as the major aspects of our stories.  The qualities of consciousness which define our many journeys of self-realization.

If the subtle layer of the Mythosphere can be said to have the many iterations of a primal element in the form of Goddesses, Gods and all kinds of mythologies, the place of the Aka could be said to be where the more primal ideas of those things exist, where the most basic levels of meaning have gravity.  The concept of a thing before it becomes the culture.  In a very real way, the Aka are the geometries upon which the mythologies are based.  They are the structural basis for meaning itself.