Building the Mythica

The library shifts and changes around you with your choice, and you find yourself in a large room with a golden aura of hieroglyphs and geometric patterns around a planet.  Peter Fae and Calliope are speaking before you.

“The axis mundi is everything.” said Peter. “It’s the coordinates of consciousness, where we are in the landscapes of legend.”

“I don’t understand” said Calliope.  “What made that so important?” 

“It’s the grounding element.” said Peter.  “The objective that anchors the subjective.  No matter what our stories are or what identity we’re currently embodying, we’re all meeting each other in the neutral geometries of time and space.  In the synchronicities that support our stories.”

He pointed to a geometric point on the planet.  “See that moment? That was when I lived in Bali, the island of the Gods and was working on the shape of the Mythica in the ambience of the ley lines.  I had just discovered the “Pyramids of Chi”, and was intuiting how the vibrations of sound moved through the architectures of the world as a temple, forming the ripples of our stories, and how to showcase that through the modern hieroglyph.”

“Yet that was the challenge” said Peter.  “Finding a way to map out the layer of the gods and goddesses, of our traditions and lineages as they played out in the geometries of the planet.”

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