All stories have a lineage. A line of time which stretches back beyond our individual self and it’s current form. As we investigate the patterns which sit within our forms, we move through the patterns that were created in earlier lives and bodies. These patterns form the basis for our lineage, the macro sense of identity that is part of our current story.

As all aspects of our character and it’s story, our lineage is a structural thing which exists in the layers of the land, and in the cosmology of the Mythica is related to the Mnemosphere.

In the context of our movement, we will encounter other beings who share lineages with us in form of cultures, traditions and places upon the geography of the planet. As we investigate the nature of our story, these lines of time and successive generations can be seen as the karmic precursor to our current self and it’s story.

In the cosmology of the Mythica, the patterns in our lineage are attributed to the mnemosphere, and exist in the deep places of attachment to one’s ego / self-identity.

This becomes relevant in the process of healing our ancestries as through the process of reincarnation we are negotiating the patterns which were created by the people that existed before our birth. Such is an unavoidable circumstance for it is part of the very basis of life itself creating life and the soul’s journey through multiple bodies in service to it’s divine mission.