There is an intelligence in the Land. In the substance of the planet and the embodied elements which exist. Such are the deva, the living intelligences of the planet and the origin of what it means to be human.

As with all things, access to the realms of the deva relies heavily on right regard, of opening oneself up to the elemental energies which lay beneath the surface of all things. It is an act of communion, of feeling the subtle threads of resonance with the elements of the Land.

In the cosmology of the Tree of Life, our engagement with the elemental aspects of consciousness is the basis for our divinations and discernments into the Creation, for we are MADE of the deva, made from the substance of the land herself, and thus our conversation is always with our Self, with the unified consciousness that is the deeper truth beneath the illusion of separation.

Connection with the deva is a major part of my mythologies, going by such names as the ‘faeries’, the ‘kami’, ‘nature spirits’ and the like, all of which are part of the journey to a more heavenly earth.