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To whom it may discern – I’m Peter Fae, the creator of Into the Mythica, and this is one of my first actual blog posts using the platform I created to help the people. Since this is a platform for telling stories, let me warn you in advance – some of my posts will be long. Some of them will be short. Some will have lots of images and some won’t – but all of them relate to the same thing – to the vision of the world of our stories that has been my life’s work. Oh, another thing – In this site i’ll be sharing the framework for what I call the ‘yoga of story’, the realization of the nature of our self and it’s story through the power of stories themselves, so what i’m writing about will have an ongoing theme which relates to living our heroic journey and understanding the landscape of our sacred path. If you need a bit of understanding on that please check out about the Mythica. With that said, let’s move on 🙂

A Little Bit About Me

As an author I have my own viewpoint on authorship, and as a mystic whose spiritual focus has been on the divinity of Story herself, that viewpoint is woven from a deep interest in the real subtle principles that give rise to our stories, to the very nature of our personal and collective stories themselves. To take that to yet another level, in my pursuit of living an authentic living myth in a yogic devotion to Story I documented my Quest for twenty years to use my tale as a proof-of-concept for my Readers in the hopes that it inspired them to live their own myth – to embrace the deep potential that lay within and step into their most awakened selves.

Of course, this is easier said than done. It took me twenty years to earn the understanding I have of the heroic journey and it’s landscape of legend, and another two years (and counting) to forge that into something which could be shared with the people. It’s been a quest which involved the building of a portal to communicate the quest, where part of the journey itself was designing a platform that could accurately depict the mystical things I was trying to convey.

No small feat, that. One might say a herculean challenge of modern myth. Something worthy of the Gods. Yet such was the nature of the Quest as it was given to me by the goddess of Story herself, and what has formed the substance and story of the journey into the Mythica, and after that twenty years of journey i’ve come back to the common world to share what I discovered along the way.

And Now, a Little About the Mythica

The Mythica’s more than just a website. What you’re reading right now is part of a spell, an invocation of story that uses the website’s framework to show the nature of the Mythica herself. As for what the Mythica is, she’s the landscape of our legend – the subtle layer of the planet where our stories happen. She’s the part of the earth where the pattern of subconscious myth and legend exist and influence our lives. In essence, the Mythica is the realm of stories, and is a real place which exists in the subtle earth.

This can be hard for some people to understand, yet it’s why I work on the website so extensively, to give you a viewpoint on what I mean when I say ‘the Mythica’.

At the essence of the idea of ‘Into the Mythica’ is the ancient axiom ‘As Above – So Below and As Within – So Without’. It’s the idea that our outer reality, the kinds of people we know, the circumstances we encounter, where we arrive on the world and the experiences we have is heavily influenced by our inner reality, by the thoughts, feelings, subconscious patterns and archetypes which rule our lives from behind the curtain of our mind.

(slide the slider above to see a visual of the surface and subtle landscapes of our stories)

Many of us are familiar with this in the context of self-development; understanding that there is a direct correlation between the unresolved issues we have within the layers of our consciousness and what kind of reality we manifest around us. To this I offer the simple reframe that there is a landscape to our reality, a land-beneath-the-land of subconscious patterns and archetypical forces which lay beneath the surface of our story, one far more connected to the actual physical world than we may realize.

It is this landscape that I refer to when I talk about the Mythica, for it is the aspect of both our consciousness and the reality that we live within seen as a topographical map, a landscape of many realms and realities related to our unique heroic journey through experience. In essence, it is a way of looking of seeing the landscape of our legend, the geography of our personal challenges and victories in a new way, showing that for every heroic path there is a land, and that by understanding our relationship to that land we can forge our way to a new world.

That being said, welcome to Into the Mythica – the real magical world.

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