Peter Fae is the Creator of Into the Mythica and the Author of the Journey Home.

After holding to a strict discipline of witnessing the unfoldment of his Path for fifteen years, he achieved Realization  into the nature of the Self and it's sacred Path and now acts as a guide to the journey from ignorance to Self-realization.

This timeline acts as a link into the featured Stories along his Path which reveal the Akasha, the Great Story to which we are all a part.

Welcome to selections from the Journey Home, the timeline of Peter Fae.  Below find selected Stories from the adventure which reveal the Akasha, the web that connects us all.

To our dear Readers - This section is deeply under construction, yet the intention is to blend together the various Stories across the Mythica which intersect at various points, showing the web of synchronicity and shared purpose that reveals our connections.


17 Jan

2018-1-17 - The Magician's Oasis

20 Apr

Eve's Garden

29 Mar

2016-5-1 - "Eve of the Dragon"

17 Jun

2016-6-7 - "God Loves You"