What is the Mythica

The world of stories.  The landscape of our subconsciousness made manifest.  The karmic landscape of the subtle layer of life.  The Mythica is the layer of the land where our stories create the world.

All stories, whether we read, view, live or simply imagine them, all come from the Mythica, from the realm of stories herself.  She is the sum repository of all of tales and tellings, of all the memories of incarnations that have or will ever exist in the theatre of time and space. As we move along the road of our life through the underlands of the Mythica we are invariable on the Rainbow Bridge, the passage between the many worlds that exist in our potential experience.  It is a journey through a world of archetypes and our interpretations of them, through the many twists and turns we take on our quest.

In the framework of the World Tree, the Mythica is the sum total of all the layers of the tree.  She is the realm of our individual and collective experience, and relates directly to the patterns in the akasha that manfiest through the Mythosphere and Mnemosphere of the Tree.

The Mythica is a conglomerate of the many timelines and karmic relationships we have with the Creation intersecting each other in a shared world of real mythology.  She is the archetypical world of real karmic geometries and their expressions throughout the world which holds all of our stories.

It is the substance of the Mythica which dots the corridors and passageways of the labyrinth of life and the discovery of our divine blueprints.

The Mythica is always happening.  She is the world beneath the surface of the world.  The play of archetypes and avatars in the impressions of the ether which manifest as our incarnate personalities and their stories in the manifest world.  She is the understanding that all the heroines, all the heroes, all the villains, divinities and their worlds of wonder exist within us.  Within our infinite potential as aspects of the Divine.

The Worlds within the World

As the collective layer of our dreams and stories, the Mythica exists as a subtle atmosphere of the planet, occurring in the layers of the Tree of the World known as the Mythosphere and the Mnemosphere, and exists in the subconscious and unconscious layers of our consciousness.

The Land beneath the Land

At the core of the understanding of the landscape of your story is realizing that there are many layers to the land. Many dimensions which exist above and below the surface perception of your self and it’s story. As we come to explore the landscape of our legend we move through these dimensions, all of which exist in the vibrational substance of our self and held in place by our spine and nervous system, our personal tree of life which is the axis mundi of all potential realities.

All throughout this site we’ll be exploring the Mythica, the land of our subconscious impressions which. manifests as a multiverse of worlds.

Showing the Subtle World

There is another layer to our lives. A world of archetypes and energies which lay just beneath the surface. Throughout the Mythica site and story we’ll be opening a portal into that world, giving the context for our content and the structure of our stories across the worlds.

To navigate the world of our stories we need a framework. A way of seeing the worlds beneath the world, of understanding the subtle laws which define our journey of manifestation. As we explore this through the Mythica, you will gain the tools necessary to make your own way through the surface and subtlety of your sacred path.