About the Journey Home

Welcome to the Journey Home, the autobiography of my adventure deeper into the Mythica, the real magical world.  Throughout the text of this story, i’ll be sharing with you the nature of my discovery of the magical world and my journey deeper into the mystic arts, coming to map out my movement from the reality of scarcity and distortion to that of a more heavenly earth.

This is a new form of Storytelling, combining the teaching of the mystic arts with the telling of the tale.  Unlike a classic linear narrative, You have the option of moving through the various chapters in the Story and following the links contained within them to discover the various techniques that I have used to heal the splinters within my own consciousness and create the portal into the Mythica.  On the other hand, if you are so inspired, you can read the Story through, gradually discovering the mystic world as I did on my adventure.  The choice is yours.

The Journey Home is a love song to story, a memoir of mythic journalism documenting my twenty-year quest to map out the territories of the magical world share that gift with others. She is a teaching story, a way of sharing what I have come to learn about the nature of the many worlds that exist on the strings of synchronicity that define our many adventures.
As part of this akashic presentation, the tale is presented in a linear and non-linear format, where readers may move between various chapters as they occurred, taking their own route through the patterns and symbols that were divined along the way.
The timeline of the Journey Home is integral to the courses, comics and content of Into the Mythica, for it reveals the people, places and events that have been the Characters of the documentary, using the power of story to gradually reveal the myth and meaning that lay between us all.
To create such a unique way of telling a tale required a publishing platform which connected the various parts of the story into the principles of the quest which are offered in the courses.

She is a tale of magic.  Of shadows and trials, of treasure and triumph and wisdom gained along the way.