About the Mythica


Our Stories are Sacred.

We all have Stories. Tales of moments when we remembered the Truth, that we live in a supportive, magickal Universe.  That we are on a heroic journey, to the discovery of the Gift that lay within us, and that everything in our Path happens for a reason, to help us evolve and become who we are meant to be.

Stories serve a sacred Purpose.  They help us to understand our lives, give us clues to the solving of our challenges.  As a platform of magickal education, Into the Mythica uses Stories to illuminate the constant gravity beneath all of our heroic journeys, the physics of the Quest   and the Atlas of Stories that links us all.

The Truth is, we don’t always remember the Magick.  We don’t always see how we’re all connected, how we live in a friendly Universe that wishes to help us, and how we can change our lives.

In moments, we remember.  But those moments fade, and so often we get lost in the frantic pace of everyday life, forgetting the miracles and wonder that exist all around us.  Into the Mythica was created to help us hold onto that memory.  To see the bigger picture of what is really going on.  To clear out the confusions in our consciousness so we can Awaken to a much brighter and more beautiful world.

Teaching through Story


The Mythica exists as a proof.  A way of teaching through the example of our Stories.  As Authors in the Mythica, we document our own journey, our own Path, to showcase the ways in which we can change our reality, in which we can come to Awaken to the magickal World that aches to be seen.

Each of us is on a heroic journey, a movement to the revelation of the Gift that lay within us.  It is our sacred Path, the movement across the adventure of our lives.  It is a Path of experience, in which we face the trials and triumphs that help us evolve, traveling through the circumstances of our lives that shape our character.

There are many Paths.  One for each of us.  The timeline of our sacred journey.  And like a physical path through the geography of the World, there is a Landscape upon which all Paths walk.  A hidden World, waiting to be discovered.

It is not a physical Path, though it may travel through many aspects of the physical plane.  On our adventure, we move through mountains and forests, through academies and cities, through experiences wondrous and small, all part and parcel of the unfoldment of our particular Story.




We are all coming Home.

The World can be a beautiful place.  Filled with fellowship, love and wonder.  The realms that many of us live within are but a pale echo of how things could truly be, when we step into the majesty that is our true birthright.

For a long time, beings have lived in realms of confusion, of mundanity and scarcity, out of alignment with the Goodness and Grace that is the true nature of the Universe.  They have lived in the illusion of lack, unaware of the deeper aspects of themselves or the World that surrounds them.  Into the Mythica was created to illustrate the journey out of those places of despair, and back into the expansion that we all desire.

Yet it takes work.  To travel into the world of myth and magick, to discover the Gift that lay within the Self, is no small task.  It requires the facing of one’s own shadow, the fears and limiting beliefs that keep us from experiencing the brighter World.  It is a journey that only the most stalwart of adventurers undertake, for it requires the very real Awakening of who we really are.



Discover the Magickal World


Everything in this site is designed for a singular Purpose – to help You understand the nature of Story, the nature of your Heroic Journey, of Life Purpose, and the ways in which we can transform our lives.  The Stories of the Authors are meant to illuminate the nature of the Quest, such that You can apply this to your own Life.  They are meant to inspire You, to remind You that magick is real, that through effort and action, your World can be better.

The Truth is – We live in a magickal World.  One that can only be seen when we change our vibration and Awaken our consciousness.  It is a Quest we all share, for there is no separation – we are all making our way to Heaven on Earth – One Story at a time.

To see an example of seeing the progression from ignorance to Realization across the real World of magick, come witness the flagship Story of Into the Mythica – The Journey Home