About the Quest

About the Mythica

Welcome to Into the Mythica, a new breed of storytelling.  Here we explore the nature of our real-life stories, discovering the landscape of the heroic journey beneath our many paths and teaching the framework for seeing our life as a mystic Quest.

Into the Mythica is more than a website. At her core she’s an invocation into the magic of stories – not made-up stories, but factual stories which reveal the deeper layer of what it means to be human. She is a media platform meant to present a new media, one which reveals the emergent consciousness that is the journey to a new paradigm of life.

About the Quest

We all have a Quest.  A Divine purpose which sings for release from the depths of our heart.  It is the core of our soul’s mission, the reason for our incarnation as the character in our unique Story.  As we step into a new Age of consciousness, discovering what our quest is and how it serves the world is the greatest thing we can do.

Who am I?

I’m Peter Fae, the creator of Into the Mythica and the author of the Journey Home, and I have lived the heroes journey which revealed the maps of our myth and the landscape of our legend, a real world of myth, magic and sacred unfoldment that exists in the deeper dimensions of who we are and is available for each and every one of us.

In what would span more than two decades of travel and embodiment of the living myth, I came to see that what we experienced as our individual  Path had a Land beneath it which held our subconscious challenges and which existed on a collective level of union with the planet.  This is the landscape to the Hero’s Journey, a place I call ‘The Mythica’.

The Quest into the Mythica started as a willingness to embody the modern Heroic Journey and discover the real world of magic that lay beyond the ordinary.  While it started as a path of healing for myself, over time I came to see that our individual stories were all connected, that we were all a part of a Great Story which held each and every one of us in a tapestry of connected lives, and that this larger thing had a basis in the framework of the earth herself.

In this I realized there was a larger collective story, one intrinsic to the very sense of purpose that existed within us all.  I saw that the synchronicities of all our lives were part of a larger weave, one connected to the very substance of the planet, and that everything that happened in our life was part of a conscious awakening shared by us all.  It was a grand revelation that moved beyond the idea of my individual heroic journey of self-transformation into the much larger collective of our stories and which saw that what we considered our self and it’s story was an integral part of the planet herself – that who we were, where we traveled to and what happened along our individual timeline of experience could be seen from a greater vantage, one which saw the macrocosm and microcosm of healing from the perspective of a unified self.

In this timeline of my twenty-year Quest to live the true heroes journey and bring the Gift of the Goddess back to the people I have documented my travels across the territories of the Mythica into a new kind of autobiography, one that showcases the movement through that timeline from both Above and Below, from Within and Without, and which uses that story to teach the principles of living your myth.

As an explorer intent on proving the existence of the Mythica as the landscape of our heroic journey, my Quest involved the twenty-year documentation of my timeline, using photos, videos and narrative to show the real life adventure of leaving the ordinary world, going to school for the mystic arts and setting out to map out the worlds i’d discovered for the people.  In addition to the real photos that were taken, I gradually expanded into that of AI illustration in order to expand upon the concepts and give a visual look at the worlds beneath the world.  Through this website, you will see a blend of these styles, some real photos, some AI illustrations and other media, all designed to frame the energetic layer of reality which exists for us all.

The Beginning - The Divine Devotion

It started with devotion.  With a bolt of lightning and a wish answered by a Goddess.  I was thirteen years old, standing in the stormy rainfall of Long Island autumn when I had a vision.   A communication with the deva of story.  The Divine force of Story herself.

I made a wish then, to track my way into a new reality.  To act as an adventurer in my own mystical story, and find a way to bring that world to others.  To be a paladin of stories, on a Quest into the realms of real mythology.

What you see before you is the result of that story.  The tale of my journey into the realm of Stories, into the realm of healing, transformation and modern mysticism.  It is my offering, my sharing of the treasures I have gained along the way, revealing that no story stands alone, and that we are all connected in the Great Story of our shared Awakening.

Inspirations for the Quest

What would become the Mythica was deeply inspired by stories, and out of those many tales I decided on three books which I felt communicated the idea best.  The first was Jules Verne’s “Journey to the Center of the Earth”, where an intrepid group of explorers find their way to a hidden underground world filled with wonders. The second was Douglas Adam’s “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” which inspired the idea for a publishing platform that supported the people on their many quests with a guide to help them on their way. Alan Moore’s “Promethea” a graphic novel featuring a young woman’s journey into the real arts of mysticism and magic provided the final piece, granting the inspired foundation for the documentation of my own journey into the center of the subtle earth, the building of a publishing platform to share that with the world and the creation of the modern hieroglyphic comic book to teach the principles of magic that I learned along the way.

"As Above - So Below, As Within - So Without"

In the mystic arts there is an axiom which stats “As Above – So Below and As Within – So Without”, which in contemporary terms means that your inner vibrational state creates your outer reality.  It is the idea that the manifest reality of conditions that makes up our personal and collective story has it’s roots in the territories beneath the surface of our mind – in the subconscious, unconscious and deeper levels of our being.  In a structural way, this suggests that wherever we encounter on our timeline of experience is because of those inner vibrations – that if we live in a reality of scarcity or abundance, in worlds of love or hate, in madness or in majesty or anything in-between, that it happens because of our inner world.

This is the idea behind all self-development.  It is the concept that by changing within we can change what we encounter in our outer experience, that what is “within” manifests “without”, and that what is “below” the line of our awareness is what creates what is “above”.  What made this significant for me was that I saw it in a spatial way, where our movements across the surface of the world were paralleled by a movement through a subtle underworld of subconscious and elemental patterns, and that the journey of self-development was a Quest that took us through that inner and outer expanse.

The basis for this was both simple and profound.  I saw that in the “outer” experience of my life I was physically moving from one place to another, that I was moving across the very real landscape of the planet.  This could be me anything; it could be me walking down the street, going to a movie, traveling in an airplane, anything.  Simultaneous to this I moved through a subtle and psychic inner landscape, one of moods and interpretations, of archetypical forms and divinations into how I perceived and experienced my world.  Life wasn’t simply the outer journey, it was an inner one, and I felt those worlds were linked – intrinsically connected in the most intimate of ways.

It was the idea that there were many layers to our world, and I set out to map those layers, to discover the basis for the worlds within the world for the benefit of all our stories.

Documenting the Quest

As a journalist intent on exploring the connection between the inner and outer reality, I documented the events on my timeline as an inquiry and proof into that concept.  At the basis of it’s thesis of exploration was a process of divination, looking into the circumstances of my inner and outer world to see where their edges met.

As part of the absolute authenticity I was aiming for, I never set up the photos.  There was no sets, no post-production, no photoshop.  Instead, I simply witnessed what happened along my story in synchronicity, marking the path with bolts of light and lightning.

It was a form of gonzo journalism meant to prove the idea of “As Above So Below – As Within So Without”, where I intended to use the photos as markers for my movement through the many dimensions of consciousness, laying down a trail of bread crumbs for others to understand how to make their own way to a new reality.

By doing this, only witnessing who, where and when things happened, I started to put together a map.  A journal of alchemy and transformation which revealed the subtle layer beneath the surface of the world and the underlying principles beneath all our stories.

My key to this was photography.  It was using the photos to document the timeline of my experience, mapping out the correlation between what I encountered in the outer world and what I was experiencing within.  I felt myself as an explorer, an adventurer forging the frontier of the subtle and undiscovered territories, exploring the subtle earth that existed on the strings of synchronicity and story, leaving a trail of breadcrumbs through my photos for others to follow.  In this way, I became a journalist of my own unfolding myth, documenting the progression of my story across the landscape of the subtle earth – a place I came to call the Mythica.

It was an exploration which took me across the planet, ranging from various locations across the United States, Canada, Europe, Indonesia and more in an effort to understand the nature of what I came to call the subtle earth, the layer of mythic reality that exists just below the surface of our awareness and which defined our selves and their stories.  It is the place I call the Mythica, the lands beneath the land of our surface experience of life.

Mapping the Magical World

And I found that world – the world of myth of magic still living in the hearts of the people.

The Great Story and the Tree of Life

It was through the documentation of my path that I gained what is sometimes called the Elixir, the boon of the Goddess meant to heal the wounded land.  It appeared in the form that it started in with my wanderings through the streets of New York, an awareness of our unity with the land around us and the stories that made up our many adventures.  Perhaps as a hallmark of the bard’s tale it came to me through the awareness of the World Tree, the Tree of Life that defines our selves and their stories and what forms the lattice for the Great Story of our shared unfoldment.

Yet to deliver this, to deliver both the individual and collective understanding of our stories was a challenge – one that required the building of an entirely new style of storytelling and a publishing platform to deliver it.  I felt charged to create a school for the modern bard, for the mystic adventurer which used my story to teach the framework of the landscapes of legend in a new way – to show the context of our many Paths and their relationship to the Land.

Yet this new mythology was not singular but collective – it was a Great Story, a tapestry of our collective Awakening wrought from the threads of our many missions and quests.