About the Teaching

There is a land within the land. A world of myth, of stories and real magic, and it is real. It is the place I call the Mythica, the landscape of the sacred path and the map to our many mythologies, and is part of our shared birthright.
The Mythica exists for all of us. She is the layer of the landscape of both the planetary and our individual consciousness where stories exist. She is the place where the vibrational impressions that make up our selves and their stories become anchored into reality.
We are always moving through the Mythica. Through the layer of consciousness which holds the keys to our awakening. For some, this is the movement through the patterns within our subconscious, in the limiting beliefs and archetypes of persona that we encounter along the way. Deeper still, it is the journey into embodying one’s most mythical self, coming to realize that you have always lived in a world of magic and just didn’t know it.
Yet how to show that to the world? How to teach the framework which allowed us to see the map of our myth and the landscapes of our legend? How could I share my findings with the people and give them a way of seeing their own sacred path and land?
As an explorer, the answer that came to me was to create a map. A way of understanding the shifting territories of that inner world, of helping the people to see the relationship between their inner and outer reality, showing the principles which gave rise to our many stories and their expressions.
In order to this, to create a map of the lands beneath the land, I had to travel, documenting my journey into the Mythica and building a framework to communicate that thing to the people.
Throughout this site I will be offering windows into that landscape, into the world of archetypes and energies that lay beneath the surface of our story.
Through these teachings, you will come to understand the nature of your sacred Path and the Land it travels through, gaining the all-important context for why things are happening in your life and how you can move through them.  Through the examples from my journey into the Mythica I will be showing the universal laws which support us on our sacred adventure, giving real-life examples of what it means to travel towards a more heavenly earth.

The Path & the Land

In this site you’re going to learn a framework which will help you to see the map of your personal adventure and the landscape of consciousness that supports your story.  You will discover the principles and expressions that support all stories and how those qualities relate to your personal experience.  You will gain an understanding of the context of both your individual story and the much larger collective story that is shared by us all, and gain access to techniques which can help to transform your self and step into a more mystical version of your experience.



Everyone walks a sacred path, a journey along the timeline of their life.  It is an adventure filled with all manner of trials and triumphs, with people, places and events that define the story of our life.  As we make our way along that sacred adventure, we learn what it means to be human, gradually discovering the limitless potential that lay within.

Over the twenty years of my documentation of my Path and it’s Land I have come to discover the underlying principles which give rise to our many expressions, gradually learning the universal laws that sit beneath all our stories.  Throughout this site I will be sharing those principles with you using illustrations from my own adventure and others to reveal the land beneath the land, the subtle landscape of consciousness which defines our manifest reality.


"As Above, So Below - As Within, So Without"

There is a single principle which defines our journey of experience. An understanding which sets the context for the framing of our experience of life. In ancient times it was known as the principle of ‘as above, so below’ and ‘as within, so without’. In modern times it is the idea that we live in the quantum reflection of our own inner energies, that our inner reality creates our outer reality. It’s the understanding that what we are within expresses itself without.
This is the idea that if you change something in your subconscious that it will change something in your outer experience. It is the basis of the idea that if we “clear” this “blockage” or that within our consciousness that our outer reality will follow suit – that they are in fact one and the same.
Many of us already know this, and have used this understanding to change the conditions of our lives, while some are only just coming to realize that we are the source of our circumstances, and that only by changing that which is within can we change that which is without.