A Portal to the Real Magical World

The World is changing. All across the skin of our beautiful planet, people are Awakening. Coming to see that we are so much than we have previously believed. That there is a deeper, more expansive reality that can be ours. That we CAN remember what it is like to live in a world of magic, majesty and wonder.

Yet how do we discover that World? How do we discover the people, places and techniques that can help us to connect, to transform and create the reality that we desire? How do we make the shift into a new paradigm of what we can become?

A Collective of Authors revealing the Great Story

It’s time for a new Story.

A modern myth that tells the tale of our Awakening.

It’s time for a new Story. A way of looking at our lives that reveals how we can travel to a more heavenly Earth.

At the center of every Story ever told lay a golden thread, a common theme that underlay all tales and myths. That of the heroic journey, the Quest of trial and triumph and the adventure of unveiling the meaning of our lives.

Inspired by the seminal work of Joseph Campbell regarding the power of our sacred Stories, Into the Mythica answers the call of presenting the modern myth of that heroic journey, teaching the principles of our individual and collective desire for self-fulfillment through the Stories of her Authors and the documentation of their own Quest in a new way, incorporating the techniques of self-development into a narrative of teaching that helps the Reader to learn more about the nature of their own Path and ability to transform their life for the better.

Revealing the Subtle Worlds

There is a more to our reality than we know. Our Path is never just what it looks like on the surface.

Beneath the surface of our awareness lay a subtle World of energy and archetypes which define the people, the places and the landscape of our sacred Path.

As we come to discover this World, we gain an understanding of the landscape through which our Path unfolds, seeing the events along the timeline of our Story in a new light.

To show this subtle World of energy and mysticism, Into the Mythica presents a way of visualizing what things appear as on the surface of perception and how they can be interpreted in a more subtle way.

(Use your finger or mouse to slide between the Surface and Subtle perceptions of reality above)

Throughout the articles of the Mythica and the Stories of her Authors you will encounter ways in which we visualize the surface and subtle perspectives of the energies which make up our many realities. To slide between them, simply touch the circle in the middle and move it back and forth.

In this way, we have the opportunity to illustrate the deeper octaves of the magical World, looking past the surface into the underlands of our sacred Story.

Teaching the Physics of the Quest

As a platform of spiritual education, Into the Mythica offers courses and tutelage in the mystic arts, showing the ways in which we may transform our consciousness and move along the subtle landscape of our heroic journey to a new reality.

Here, Authors use their Stories as a proof of the physics of the quest, linking their tales to a vast and ever-expanding library of techniques which illuminate the nature of the heroic journey and the principles which define all Stories and their journey to a more heavenly Earth.

To facilitate this, particular words are automatically linked to help pages which illuminate both the physics of the quest and the various aspects of the emergent World.

For example, when we use words like akasha, the rainbow road, the surface and the subtle and others, they all link to pages which illuminate those concepts, furthering the Reader’s understanding of the applied practices that lead us to a brighter reality.

Within an expansive framework of educational help pages and informative videos, we shall reveal the physics of the quest, showing the maps of our myth and the lands of our legend – the real mythical World through which we walk on the vision quest of our life.

Revealing the Great Story of our shared unfoldment

No Story is singular.

We are all connected, part of a unified field of ever-expanding consciousness. In which our individual tales are but single threads in the much larger Great Story of our shared awakening.

How do we see this? How do we witness the pattern that lay beneath our purpose? How do we see the roots and branches of our interwoven lives?

As part of the task of mythic journalism, Mythica Authors track their timelines, presenting both the Author’s heroic journeys and where those Stories intersect with others, reveal the synchronicities and connections with other avatars met along the Quest, showing the many threads that unite us all in the much larger Great Story of which we are all a part, revealing the underlying physics of unity that lay just below the surface of awareness.

As we do this, we provide links to the goods and services of those beings, to the temples and educational institutions, the craftsmanship of magical items and objects of wonder, such that the Reader may discover more of the magical World that lay just beneath the surface of our awakening perception.

Publishing from the Magical World

Within the framework of Mythica publishing, we will be witnessing the very real adventure of self-realization in a beautiful and mythopoetic way, using Stories filled with illustrations and video depicting the nature of our individual Quest and the constant physics which underlie all Stories.

In addition to this and the upcoming courses and webinars, we provide Storybooks, polished versions of the adventures and educational e-publications which teach and entertain the people, giving them a safe space to learn more about the nature of their own heroic journey and the mythical landscape of our unfoldment.

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