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Welcome.  I’m Peter Fae, an Explorer of the Mythica, the real magical world, and I’m going to tell You a Story. A tale of movement across the subtle landscape that underlies all our personal and collective stories. Where through the telling, we’re going to learn what it means to embody one’s highest self. To travel the rainbow bridge to the avatar of Divinity that you are.

Along the way, I’m going to be showing you a map. A map of the real magical World, and how you can travel to your own highest embodiment.

Through this tale and that of my fellow adventurer Joshua Faust, we’re going to be showing You the nature of your sacred Path, of your timeline across the realms of the World Tree, and how we are all connected in the Great Story of humanities unfoldment.

The Path to the Mythica

When I was a child, I was fascinated by the idea that one could travel to another reality. That there were hidden and magical worlds waiting to be explored.

I especially liked the tone of ‘Journey to the Center of the Earth’ because it relayed a team of explorers who were following the trail left by this intrepid maverick, finding their way deeper and deeper into another world, another reality.  One that existed just below the surface of our own.

The idea captured me. There was something in it. Something true. Something I could sense which lay beneath and behind the chapters and pages.  A reminder, of the magic that lived in the actual world.

 I felt the books to be a finger pointing to another world, that I could find my way to the world, AND leave a trail for others to follow.

In this context, I recognized myself as an Explorer, finding his way across the realms, across the many different realities that I had experienced all throughout my life.  That I was finding my way across a mystical landscape that sat beneath the surface of our stories, a realm I referred to as the Mythica.


Yet how to communicate that to others? How to leave breadcrumbs for other adventurers to follow? I realized that just as I had been inspired by a story, that I would weave my tale into a teaching.  I would build a bridge to the world of magic, and share that with those willing to live their adventure.

First, a Little History ...

Even as a child I knew about other worlds.  I knew they were real because I experienced them firsthand.  You see, i’d been born with a Talent.  A quality of magic that shifted me uncontrollably from one world to another.  Where the very way I related with the universe would change, arriving and disappearing like the tide.

It’s hard to explain.

It was a feeling.  A feeling of movement.  Of something very light, something that sat at the center of everything I was, and it was changing.  And with it, my entire reality.  My mood, my manner, the way I saw things, everything.  It was as if I could not hold onto the substance of who I was.  That my world would dissolve in a moment, lost in a fugue of changing shapes.  Worse, when I shifted, i’d forget the who I was before, an entire world lost to the winds.

It was a peculiar condition.  One which defined my life in a mystical way, as I could not relate with the patterns of the mainstream world.  One where I seemed to walk between the raindrops of the storm, moving on strange pathways across stranger worlds.  Over time, I came to understand the nature of those paths, and the nature of the worlds upon which they walked.

It was tricky.  Realities only existed only certain moments of space and time.  In certain spaces and places upon the World Tree.  In the early years, I would shift between those places without rudder or anchor, drifting across the realms and realities of that subtle world.

I needed a way to stabilize myself.  A way to track my way through the realities, to make my way to the realities I wanted to live within.


Lighting the Way Home


The answer came with the lightning.  With the moments of clarity, of connection to the Mythica when I could See.  While I only shifted into the Mythica at certain times, I knew it when I was there, when I was in the state of being that was the magical world.  When I was at the crossroads of synchronicity when things were remembered.

With my camera, I resolved to witness the events in my life, using the photos to bring my consciousness into coherence, to anchor myself in the Mythica.

To remedy the forgetting, I used my camera to shoot photos of when I shifted into the realms.  When I felt the empowerment of the Homelands.  When I could See the magic and majesty within the people and myself.  I would use the shots as reminders, helping me to hold the memory of what had been to remind me of what I could be.

I used the photos as golden breadcrumbs, helping me to see the shape of the path I travelled, to make sense of my movement across the realms.  They were my ‘Postcards from Faerie’, shots that could only have happened in the vibrational territories of the Mythica.

In this way I was a tracker, divining for clues across a territory of changing shapes, where the very substance of the world would shift beneath my feet, sending me into forgetfulness.

Yet the photos remained.  Reminding me of the worlds i’d traveled to along the Tree.

To travel into the Mythica is no small thing.  It is to face the trials that lay in the substance of one’s story, to explore the causes and responsibilities of what makes our reality.  It is to face the deepest of existential questions and to inquire into one’s purpose in the World.

The Physics of the Quest

I discovered there were constants beneath our chaos.  Principle of Story which Expressed themselves across the pages.

It is my intention that this text helps You to see who you are being in a new light. To come to see the blessing of your sacred Path and it’s context in a Friendly Universe. To dissolve the illusion of separation that keeps us from the abundance and well-being that is our birthright as we manifest Heaven on Earth together.