It’s Time, for a New Story…


Welcome to Into the Mythica, a temple of story where our media network illuminates the sacred connections between us all. Here, we showcase the profound truth that each of our stories is a vital thread in the grand tapestry of life. Through comics, courses, stories, and videos, we celebrate these connections, revealing the underlying unity and divine interplay that shapes our collective journey. Join us in exploring the sacred narrative that weaves us together, discovering how deeply interconnected we truly are.


The Heroic Journey Everyone is the hero of their own story. Your journey is unique, yet it intersects with the paths of countless others, contributing to a shared narrative that shapes our world - in a very mystical way. As you navigate through the layers of your own consciousness and discover the legend of your life, you are not only transforming yourself but also supporting the collective shift in consciousness.

Our Authors Act As Adventurers... Documenting the Authentic Quest. cdn_helper

Journalists of the New Earth Our authors, true journalists of the New Earth, document their transformative journeys using the arts of story. Through their tales, they showcase the practical application of mythic living, illustrating how each of us can live our own myth and in doing so, help manifest a more heavenly Earth.


The Threads of our Tales Explore the timelines of the Mythica, where our authors document the synchronicities of their lives as breadcrumbs along their golden threads within the skein of stories. Each recorded event, each moment of serendipity, serves as a marker on their heroic journeys, guiding them—and us—through the labrynth of destiny and mystery, where fate and fortune collide in the weave of space and time.

Mythica Comics: A Visual Journey into the Heart of the Mythica cdn_helper

The Modern Hieroglyph Dive into Mythica Comics, where each panel is a window into the arts of alchemy and everyday magic, blending real moments with hieroglyphic illustrations of the subtle world. These weavings bring the mythos into form, offering an immersive exploration of the principles that guide our deep dive into the underlands.

Discover the Path & Land of your Quest In your journey deeper Into the Mythica, we teach you the nature of your Path and its Land, guiding you through the terrain of your mythic and spiritual Quests. Through the stories, courses, and comics offered here, you'll gain practical understanding into navigating the Landscape of Legend and discovering your own sacred story.

Where you arrive on the surface of the world Is simultaneously a movement through a landscape of subtle archetypes Forming a landscape of personal and collective realities Which blend together to create the landscape for your heroic adventure. cdn_helper cdn_helper cdn_helper cdn_helper cdn_helper

The Adventure of Alchemy Self-development is at the core of our journey, and since it's an ongoing one, we intend to make it fun by gamifying our adventures into the alchemy of transformation. It's about understanding and harnessing the inner forces and stories that shape your life—for the world runs on magic, if you can learn to see it. As you change, so does your world, mirroring the shifts within your own consciousness. As Within, So Without.

Join the Quest Into the Mythica invites you to be part of this mission. Explore our offerings, discover your role in the Great Story, learn the magic of how to live your myth, and see how your heroic journey of awakening contributes to the collective movement towards heaven on earth.