Publishing from the Magickal World

There is a magical World.  A Intro to the Mythicaplace of myth and wonder, where we experience the deeper, more robust octave of our potential.  Such is a place of healing, of connection with the Land, of opening the pathways within our Selves to become the embodiment of the majesty that lay within us.  This is the World of the Mythica, the world of magick and beauty that lay just beneath the surface of our blossoming awareness.

To facilitate this understanding and help the World awaken, Into the Mythica presents a new way of telling Stories, framing our individual and collective heroic adventures as a sacred journey towards the manifestation of Heaven on Earth.  Within her many pages we present the real-life adventures of an ever-increasing pantheon of avatars, showcasing their heroic journey from scarcity to Abundance, from mundanity to magick, and the techniques which they use to transform their reality for the better.  She aims to prove the Truth, that we are all connected, that there is physics that underlie our many Quests, that there is a reason behind the synchronicities of our lives, a Great Story, larger than the sum of it's parts, that connects us all.

Teaching through Story

There is a compass that leads to Heaven on Earth.  A sacred map, that underlies the circumstances of your Life.  A way of clearing the roads that lead to your Abundance, Health and Wholeness.  A way to make the Journey Home, to who we really are.  It is the grandest of Gifts, our sacred Story.  The trials and triumphs that mark our progression from ignorance to Realization of the Divine beings we truly are.

The Compass of the Self

Into the Mythica tracks the journey from confusion to clarity, from madness back to majesty of the Authors, each presenting their sacred Path as a Character in the Great Story that connects us all.  Through LIVE broadcasts, writings, and the Mythica Storybooks, we reveal our part of the Great Story, of humanities great quest to live in Heaven on Earth.

As Authors, we track our journey across the realms of the real magickal World, relating that back to the Compass of the Self and it's reflections, proving the principles of consciousness and the ideals of the Academy of Myth.

As an educational platform, the Mythica uses Stories to illuminate the nature of the Heroic Journey and demonstrate the physics of the quest which reveal that we live within a supportive and benevolent Universe wishing to help us on our adventure to wholeness.  We exist as a media platform for that most precious of things, the revelation of our own inner journey across the outer World of real magick.

It is our effort at Into the Mythica to help the People to Awaken, by providing a map, a way of being in the World at a deeper octave of who we are.  Of applying the practices that return us to alignment with Nature, of demonstrating the principles of virtue and right-service, of embodying our part in the awakening of the planet.

Showing Where our Stories Connect

There is a map beneath the surface of the World.  A web which links together all of our Stories into a much larger tapestry of our shared Awakening.

Into the Mythica was created to show that map to the World, to reveal the synchronicities that link us together, to reveal the Purpose behind our coincidences and kismet.  To showcase the Great Story, the tapestry of interconnections which reveals the tale of our Awakening.

As part of the Mythica's unique offering to the World, we focus on showing the pattern beneath the surface of our perception, witnessing the Truth - that there is no separation, that all of our Stories are linked.

Through  the temple of Story that is the Mythica, our intention is to show that despite our seeming separation, a deeper Purpose links us all.  That in our shared chorus of voices, we sing the Song of the New World.

As the never-ending Quest to explore the magickal World continues, the Mythica is always expanding.  To go deeper, and read the tales of our Authors, visit our Subscriptions page, and stay tuned to our instagram for further updates!

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