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Welcome to the Academy of Myth. There are many branches of wisdom in the World.  Many aspects of the Tree of Knowledge. Here, learn the techniques employed by Mythica Authors and their Allies to make the journey to the new paradigm of Heaven on Earth.

Academy – The Original Will Academy Fundamentals Academy Fundamentals – Divine Intelligence (The Source of Stories) Different cultures and states of being have their own creation story.  This is one of them. Everything starts somewhere.  Our Universe, the blessed Creation through which we get to experience our sacred Story, Continue Reading Academy – The Prime Elements Academy Fundamentals Academy Fundamentals – The Primal Elements To understand our Quest into a more expansive World, we must take a good look at the nature of our reality.  At the substance and structure of all things. At the most primal level, our reality Continue Reading Academy – Akasha Academy Fundamentals Academy Fundamentals – The Akasha The Canvas of our Stories Everything happens somewhere. All form, and thus all realities (or ‘realms’) within the Creation are made of the same primal substance, known as Akasha. Akasha is consciousness itself seen as a primal clay, the starstuff Continue Reading Academy – Time, Space & Octaves Academy Fundamentals Academy Fundamentals – Time, Space and Depth Under Construction Time is the basis for the mortal condition.  Without it, there would be context for the unfoldment of events.  There would be no past, no present, no future.  Nothing.  Without Time and it’s Continue Reading Academy – Collective Consciousness Academy Fundamentals Academy Fundamentals – Collective Consciousness There is no separation.  There is only the Self.  A single, unified field of consciousness within which we experience an impermanent sense of perceived separation, which we call our ‘self’.  Note the small ‘s’. Despite what things Continue Reading Academy – Impermanence and Form Academy Fundamentals Academy Fundamentals – Impermanence and Form  All throughout human history we have used metaphors from the natural World to conceive of and describe the various states of consciousness.  As we are born *of* nature, made from the substance of Gaia, it Continue Reading Academy – Timelines Academy Fundamentals Academy Fundamentals – Timelines Our timeline is the spine of our Story.  The thread of our progression from one experience to another in our life.  It is the thread of our life, part of the much larger tapestry of threads that Continue Reading Academy – The Great Story Academy Fundamentals Academy Fundamentals – The Great Story There is a Great Story.  A tapestry made from the threads of our lives and legends that stretches across the Universe itself.  A grand and great unfoldment that underlies the synchronicities and circumstance of our Continue Reading Academy – The Flower of Life Academy Fundamentals Academy Fundamentals – The Flower of Life Core to our journey deeper into the Mythica, to alignment with the sacred land and what wants to come through us, is to dive deeper into the patterns that make up our world. To Continue Reading Academy – The World Tree Academy Fundamentals Academy Fundamentals – The Tree of Life As the energetic pattern of the Flower of Life expresses itself through the material plane, it is known as the World Tree. The Tree of Life is the core of the Mythica. The underlying pattern Continue Reading Academy – The Seed of the Self Academy Fundamentals Academy Fundamentals – The Seed Within the self There is a Divine design within you.  A Purpose to your life that wishes to express itself through you.  It is your unique seed, the song of your soul expressed through the matrix Continue Reading Academy – Structure of the self Academy Fundamentals Academy Fundamentals – Structure of the self On a structural level, our mortal forms are made of subtle qualities, elemental essences which occur in various combinations of quality and quantity and make up the entirety of both our human experience and Continue Reading Academy – Divining the self Academy Fundamentals Academy Fundamentals – Divining the self As we move through the human condition, we are in the process of learning to divine the structure of our self and understand it’s relationship to our manifestation.  There are many systems which present this Continue Reading Academy – The Heroic Journey Academy Fundamentals Academy Fundamentals – The Heroic Journey Each and every one of us is on a heroic journey, a movement along the timeline of our personal story.  On a grand adventure to discover the purpose beneath our path, to realize the gift Continue Reading Academy – Conscious and Subconscious Academy Fundamentals Academy Fundamentals – Conscious and Subconscious Most beings are asleep at this time to the depths of who and what they actually are.  As we make the journey to the Abundance paradigm, we must investigate the relationship between our subconscious mind Continue Reading Academy – The Prism of Perception Academy Fundamentals Academy Fundamentals – The Prism of Perception There are many vantages on the nature of Reality.  Many beings who perceive the Creation as cruel or uncaring.  Who experience their reality from a place of scarcity and lack.  Yet this is not Continue Reading Academy – The Sacred Mirror Academy Fundamentals Academy Fundamentals – The Sacred Mirror The Law of Reflection is the fundamental principle that defines the journey from one reality to another.  It’s the understanding that on an electromagnetic level, we live in the ripples of our own consciousness.  That Continue Reading Academy – Clearing the Lens of Perception Academy Fundamentals Academy Fundamentals – Clearing your Lens of Perception The Lens of Perception Everything we experience comes through the lens of our perception. The Universe is a vast place of Abundance. As we make the journey towards Awakening we must come to see the Continue Reading The Yogas of the New World Academy A new day is dawning across the World. New techniques, new ways of interfacing with the beautiful planet that we call home are coming to the fore. During this transformational time, the fundamental ways in which we negotiate Continue Reading Academy – Realms Academy Fundamentals Academy Fundamentals – Realms There is a subtle landscape to the world There is an infinite range of realms and realities that exist within the Creation, each existing at a certain moment on space, time and depth of being. Key to this is Continue Reading Academy – Locus Points Academy Fundamentals Academy Fundamentals – Locus Points The Coordinates of Consciousness Every reality exists somewhere.  At a certain point in space and time. Locus points are the specific coordinates in spacetime in which realms exist.  They are the map markers of the multiverse of possibilities Continue Reading Academy – Strings of Synchronicity Academy Fundamentals Academy Fundamentals – Synchronicity – The Strings of our Stories “There are Worlds all around us, woven in synchronicity across the web of life” There are many worlds.  Many realities that exist simultaneously, occurring a different moments in the weave of time Continue Reading Academy – The Akashic Compass Academy Fundamentals Academy Fundamentals – The Akashic Compass The Akashic Compass The compass is the way we navigate the landscape of the magical World. It is how we map the subtle lands of our inner experience with the surface lands of the Earth. In the Continue Reading Academy – Heaven on Earth Academy Fundamentals Academy Fundamentals – Heaven on Earth As we make our journey along the threads of the web of life, there is the idea that we can live in a brighter, more heavenly version of our reality.  That we can live closer Continue Reading Academy – Scarcity & Abundance Academy Fundamentals Academy Fundamentals – Scarcity & Abundance Realms of Scarcity & Abundance There is a distorted and a clear version of your experience.   As a general rule, we all want to live in a reality of Love, expansion, health and wholeness. Where we see Continue Reading Academy – The Rainbow Road Academy Fundamentals Academy Fundamentals – The Rainbow Bridge Central to the journey deeper into the Mythica is the understanding of the rainbow road, what in some interpretations is called the bifrost, or the rainbow bridge. It is this road upon which we travel, moving Continue Reading Octaves of the Rainbow Road Academy Fundamentals Academy Fundamentals – Octaves of the Rainbow Consciousness exists on many octaves. The simple comparison is octaves in music. The same pattern can exist in many ranges; yet becomes brighter or muddier, depending on the octave in which it is played. Similarly, Continue Reading The Language of the Land Academy Fundamentals Here we discuss the nature of speaking the tongue of transformation.
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Academy – The Layers of the Land Academy Fundamentals Academy Fundamentals – The Layers of the Land To understand the mystical octave of the Mythica and travel to the realms of Abundance requires an understanding of the nature of awareness and it’s relationship to the material plane.Spiritual truth always follows Continue Reading Academy – Akasphere Academy Fundamentals Academy Fundamentals – Akasphere The Akasphere is the subtle biome and atmosphere of Gaia which reveals the roots and branches of the World Tree.  It is the layer of awareness in which synchronicities and karmic entanglements may be witnessed.  The cloud Continue Reading

As part of the educational teachings of the Mythica, Author’s stories and the articles within the site refer to the physics of the quest, the underlying principles beneath ALL Stories, all heroic journeys, and which form the landscapes of our legend.

Throughout the text, there are links to various pages within the Academy designed to help You understand the physics underlying your own Story.

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Fundamental to the Mythica concept is the revealing of the subtle energies of consciousness.  Educating the people by helping them to visualize and realize their awareness of the underlying and archetypical energies of the worlds.