The Academy for the Mythical Arts

You can change your reality.

It is our birthright to live in Heaven on Earth.  To live lives of peace, prosperity and plentitude.  Yet many beings are not currently experiencing this reality.  As part of the roadmap to the revelation of one’s sacred Purpose, we provide the Mythica Academy, a series of courses and techniques proven on the timeline to assist us all in the transformation of Self.

Mythica Academy is unique as our courses focus on the heroic journey of the individual and the deepening of their relationship with the Aina, the sacred Land, facilitating their movement into the World of Real Magick.

Her thesis – To provide framework and context for the techniques used by Authors in travel across the Mythica.  She illustrates the deeper understanding of the Land of our relationship with the Deva/Mother as part of the redemption of our human Selves and our relationship with Natural Law.

Note – We are under construction, yet your magickal education need not wait.  To learn more about the mystic arts, please visit our esteemed allies, the Guardian Alliance.





Mythica Academy focuses on the Heroic Journey across the realms of the Mythica, deepening our understanding of the nature of our current Self, it’s trials and triumphs, and the means to transcend these to live a better Life.


Schedule of Workshops

Here will be a listing of both online and live workshops featuring the information of the World of the Mythica!

(also under construction.  Obviously)