Welcome to Mythica Academy.  Here, learn the techniques employed by Mythica Authors and their Allies to make the journey to the new paradigm of Heaven on Earth.

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The Physics of the Quest

As part of the educational teachings of the Mythica, Author's stories and the articles within the site refer to the physics of the quest, the underlying principles beneath ALL Stories, all heroic journeys, and which form the landscapes of our legend.

Throughout the text, there are links to various pages within the Academy designed to help You understand the physics underlying your own Story.


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Akasha Yoga - The Yoga of Story

As our initial offering, Into the Mythica is proud to present the techniques of Akasha Yoga, fundamental to the understanding of our sacred Story and the Space in which that Story unfolds.

Akasha Yoga is the means by which Mythica Authors have cleared the impressions in themselves in order to transform their reality and reveal the golden thread of their highest potential.