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Academy – Realms

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Academy – The Mythica Compass

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Academy – Octaves of Perception

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Academy – The Shadow and the Bright

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Academy – The Surface & the Subtle

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Academy – Physics of the Quest

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The Rainbow Bridge (The Rainbow Road)

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The Basics

The Quest



The Mythica Compass

Track your Path.  Discover the magickal World.  Walk the rainbow road to a brighter reality.

Welcome to Mythica Academy.  It is our pleasure to invite You to go deeper, to dare further, into who You really are.  Here You will a whole new way of seeing Your life, revealing the pattern of your Life across a multiverse of shared Stories.

There are many Worlds.  Many realms of being upon this beautiful planet.  Many places that we can arrive in which we experience a brighter, more wondrous reality.  At the Academy we go deeply into the nature of our personal legend, the Story that lay beneath the surface of our awareness.  Through authentic witnessing of the heroic journey, we teach the gravity by which all Stories revolve, discovering the ways in which we may step into the real World of magick and new consciousness.

Here we present a framework for the nature of Self and it's journey to Self-Realization, using Stories to demonstrate the applied yogas of personal development.

Look Deeper

We are so much more than we appear on the surface.  Made of vibrations that play a role in the Great Story.  Learn to look beneath the surface and see from the octave of the Mythica, the real magickal World.

Learn the Landscape of Your Heroic Journey

At the Academy we teach that everything is made of vibration.  Our thoughts, our beliefs, the very circumstances of our lives.  That our adventure through Life is one of mythic significance framed in the modern context.

That there is another octave to our perception of reality.  The threshold between the shallows and the depths of our awareness.  It is a place that once we cross, we will never be the same again.

Here we see the octave of the Mythica, witnessing the Worlds within the World.

Explore the Realms of the World Tree

In the Academy we present an overview of the World Tree and the Akasha their manifestation as the Earth and Sky.  That in their dance lay the web of Stories that underlies the surface of our perception.  The map of synchronicities, of kismet, of shared Purpose, that gives rise to our personal mythology.  It is from witnessing this grand array of Stars upon the Earth that we may see the great tapestry of threads that makes up our shared reality.

We learn that by returning to the Nature, we return Home, deeper into the magick and majesty that is our birthright.

We walk the roads to Heaven on Earth, deeper into the Mythica.

Walk the Rainbow Road

There is a bridge between realities.  A rainbow road that leads between the many realms of our heroic adventure.

Learn to walk the rainbow bridge, and change the shape of your World.