Mythos - The Academy of Myth

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Welcome to the Academy of Myth. There are many branches of wisdom in the World.  Many aspects of the Tree of Knowledge. Here, learn the techniques employed by Mythica Authors and their Allies to make the journey to the new paradigm of Heaven on Earth.

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As part of the educational teachings of the Mythica, Author’s stories and the articles within the site refer to the physics of the quest, the underlying principles beneath ALL Stories, all heroic journeys, and which form the landscapes of our legend.

Throughout the text, there are links to various pages within the Academy designed to help You understand the physics underlying your own Story.

Learn to walk the Landscapes of Legend

The Team

Learn from the Authors and Allies of the Mythica

Revealing the Subtle World

Fundamental to the Mythica concept is the revealing of the subtle energies of consciousness.  Educating the people by helping them to visualize and realize their awareness of the underlying and archetypical energies of the worlds.