Characters are the core of any Story. The individual stars that make up the constellation of larger meaning. As a tale of sacred witnessing, Into the Mythica features the individuals witnessed on the Quest, noting their archetypical significance in the unfoldment of the Atlas of Story, the proof of our shared synchronicity and the larger choreography of the Divine.

As with all aspects of the Journey Home, these Characters were not pre-ordained, strategized, or set up. Rather, they were witnessed, occurring as a proof of the physics of the quest. They are the casting call of God. Beings who have arrived, in perfect time and circumstance, in the witnessing of the Mythica unfolding. An ever-growing collection of avatars and guardians whose purpose it is to transform the face of the planet!

(note: This section, which features the Characters that have played a crucial role in the Journey Home, is, like much of the Mythica, under construction.  As a spiritual project to help humanity, the Mythica is powered by donations, which help me to fill out the crucial elements and showcase the Atlas of Story that links us all.  Please see our donations page and thank you for your interest 🙂 )

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