Anna Bliss

At multiple points on the Storyline I encountered the avatar Anna Bliss.  Like myself, she is an ambassador of the next octave of consciousness, as well as sharing the superheroic imprint, that is, embodying the super-heroic in her current incarnate form.  As part of the Great Story, we have intersected at multiple points during the Journey Home.

As with all aspects of the Mythica, this relates to the Physics of the Quest.  The shared Life Purpose between us both, to transform the consciousness and awaken the People to the deeper octave of potential reality.

Anna’s first appearance in the Mythica was during the episode Isle of the Gods, where our Paths intersected at the Clear cafe, in Ubud, Bali.  Later, she would appear at a crucial moment in the City of Angels, at the Mimosa Cafe, proving the principles of the Mythica with her very presence.  As part of her Divine function, Anna acts as an ambassador of Galactic consciousness, a Time Traveller, helping beings to see the Truth, that we are born into many bodies, across a vast network of time and space, in which our Stories are woven into the Atlas of Stories, part of the grand weave that marks the progression of the human condition.

As an ambassador of Light, Anna is gifted with great beauty, a nobility of presence and action which serves her Divine function.  It was by her intervention that I was granted access to a gathering in the sacred hills of Ojai during the Sanctuary episode of the Journey Home.  As one of the avatars of the Galactic, Anna occurs for me as more aware of the Collective nature of consciousness, the transcendent quality of our embodied as Divine beings in the human condition.  In her, I see a galaxy of stars, dancing behind her eyes like a portal into a much greater World.

Galactic Ambassador of Love and Law, Anna Bliss has only appeared a few times in the Mythica yet always in significant moments.  Her embodiment as a superheroine in the Akasphere is significant, inspiring me to use her image from Lightning in a Bottle to illuminate the nature of the octave of the Mythica.


Appearing In

2012 – “Island of the Gods

2015 – Lightning in a Bottle

2016 – Bards & Queens” , “The Sanctuary