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Deva Faeries and the Kami

Deva, Faeries & the Kami

Deva, Faeries & the Kami



The World is much deeper than we know.  There are elemental intelligences that exist in the subtle planes, whose presence can only be felt when one deepens their awareness.  These are the deva.  The beings of essence that are part of Gaia’s natural order.  When one moves through the realms of Faerie, it is the deva with which they interact, the fundamental forces that make up the natural World.

Deva are referred to by many names throughout the Incarnate.  Sometimes they are called ‘faerie’, other times, ‘angels’, ‘kami’, ‘spirits’, and the like.  In a very simplified sense, all of these beings are deva.  Elemental entities made of the very elements.

The deva are the trees.  They are the fire, the wind, the water and stars.  They are the primal aspects of the very qualities which make up our human Selves.  Understanding our relationship with the deva/faeries is a large part of the journey deeper into the Mythica.

Deepening our relationship with the deva is of paramount importance in the return to Paradise.  As we deepen our experience of the human condition, as our awareness goes deeper into the subtle planes, we come to sense not only that we are not alone, but that we are MADE of deva.  Made of the very elements of the Earth.


In this manner, returning to the sanctity of relationship with the deva has a very direct cleansing effect on the Self.  As we spend more time in Nature, more time in resonance with the elements, we remember, more and more, the deva within our Selves.  We gain access to the deeper parts of our own Nature.

Our human Selves are classified in various forms of divination in their arrangement of prime elements.  How much Fire, how much Water, Earth or Air makes up our constitution.  The qualities of our Character in the Great Story.  Though different systems have different words to describe them, the energies are constant.  And those energies, inherent in the structure of our incarnate form, are made of deva.

When we understand that we are constructed of deva, we come to understand that we ARE deva, forgotten onto our Selves, in various states of enlightenment and being.  As we go deeper into the Mythica, we remember more and more our actual essence, returning us to a state of Grace.

–  (all photos by Peter Fae)



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Peter Fae is the Creator of Into the Mythica and Author of the Journey Home. Having cultivated the healing arts for years along the Journey Home, Peter is available for giving Guidance and Healing of one's sacred Path. Find out more or book a consultation with him on his personal page