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In On the Mythica by peterfae

I’m Peter Fae.  The Creator of Into the Mythica.  Welcome to the real magickal World.

The Mythica started with an idea.  A form of mythic journalism the likes of which had never been seen.  An application of the deepest yogas of manifestation and magick, meant to honour the Divine nature of our Stories and the people that worked to make a better World.

She was designed to be a documentary of the real-life heroic journey, to create a portal of education and revelation into the deeper octave of our potential.  To reveal the ways in which we could transform our reality and step into a new paradigm of existence, one more aligned with the fundamental Goodness and Grace that is our birthright.

A little bit about me

I’ve lived a uniquely blessed life, full of challenges designed to serve Divinity by revealing what I call ‘The Mythica’ to the people of the World.  To give them a way of understanding the real magickal World and their part in the great Awakening of humanity.

While often we read stories about beings that go to a magickal school and live in a place of mythic story, I actually got to live that experience of life, studying faerie magicks at a mystery school in the mountains for many years.

Recognizing that I was truly blessed to be living the archetypical story of that heroic journey, I was seized by the desire to share that beauty with the World.  To help other beings step into their magick.

Mapping the Way to the Magickal World

Walking the Rainbow Bridge

To map out the magickal World was no small task.  Most beings were asleep to the majesty thatt lay within them.  They could not see their own magick, must less the vastness of threads which connect us in the Great Story of our Awakening.

The Inner Compass

Many times throughout the narrative you’ll see mention of the inner compass.  This is the way of describing the realms of the underlands that we move through as we travel deeper into the Mythica.

Facing Shadow

Walking in Shadow

The real antagonist to our Story always lay within, in the vibrational makeup of our current self and the reality manifest around that shape.  As we make our way into the realms of wholeness, abundance and wonder, we face the distortions of those qualities within our experience.  The manifest Shadows of our inherent light.

Documenting the Heroic Journey

The Mythica Cosmology

“Okay, so what you’re saying is, the Akasha is everything.  Like, all things.  My thoughts, my beliefs, the circumstances of my life, are all made of this substance called Akasha.”


”How does that relate to the movement along my path then?”

I opened my hands, weaving a vibrational pattern.  A miniature scale of the Akasha, the starscape that was our shared experience.

All beings travel through the underland.s. Such ”The Mythica is a realm within the Akasha.  

Key to the witnessing of the real magickal World is the idea of the Akasha, the Underlands, and the Mythica.

All beings travel through the underlands.  The reflection of the patterns and impressions made of the elements within the Akasha that play out as our archetypical World.

Linking it all together

Portals of Story

Think of the Author’s tale of their journey as a rabbit hole, leading into the deeper realms of the Mythica.  Where certain words and phrases act as links to the educational concepts of the Academy.

This is designed so that the narrative becomes a teaching Story, which helps the Reader to understand the concepts which allow one to see and experience the magickal World.

Certain words are enchanted in this way, leading to pages and posts within the Academy which go deeper into the concept.  For example, using the word Deva, or Akasha, or the Rainbow Bridge will lead one to a page that references those particular aspects.

Characters make the Story

James Vogel

“Well, if that’s the case, what about the people in my life?” 

Characters form the backbone of any Story.  As our Authors explore the realms of the Mythica, key characters are witnessed when they appear in the Story and what energies were felt with them

In this way, we link to those Characters, illuminating their placement in the real magickal World.

Tracking the Akashic Record

About the Author


Peter Fae is the creator of Into the Mythica and Author of The Journey Home. visit his Author's site in the Mythica multiverse.

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