The Holy Wood and the Hollywood

To demonstrate the nature of the many worlds, Mythica Authors use photography as a map, witnessing the moments in synchronicity when the moment arrived.  In this way, the photos serve as an example of the mystical principle  “As Within, So Without”, showing that in order to discover the worlds of magic in the outer world, we must embrace our magic within. 

At the core of this is Witnessing our experience.  Of authentically documenting the Moments that occur in accordance with the physics of the Quest, proving  that we live in the reflection of our own substance of self.  That by embodying the vibrational tone of the emergent world, we encounter others on the Path in synchronicity who share that frequency.

To fulfill this intent, all the photos you see happened in synchronicity as a result of the path of the Author.


There were no pre-arranged meetings, no models, no sets, no photoshop.  Simply witnessing the manifestation of events along the timeline of the Author.  Much like a character in a novel, the idea was to Witness, rather than contrive, the appearance of other characters on the Quest.  To examine the structure of the cloud atlas of our synchronicities as a proof of our interconnectedness.  From there, the photos are linked to Stories on the timelines of the Authors, opening a portal for the Reader into the moment and majesty in which that witnessing occurred.

What follows are shots from the real mystical world.  A world that exists only on a string of synchronicities, that only appears when we find the path between the moments.