About the Mythica

Revealing the Land within the Land

Consider this site a portal.  A doorway into a deeper perception of your world, where we discover the deep relationship between what we experience in the inner part of our life experience and what we experience without.

Throughout the courses, comics and content of this site you will learn the underlying principles which support our stories as I have discovered them, coming to discover the archetypical patterns which define the quest towards a more heavenly earth.

There is a land beneath the land.  A subtle world of archetypes and energies that lay within our subconscious forming the energetic territories of our manifest reality.  As we learn to travel this subtle world we discover the map of our myth and the landscape of our legend.  Through the portal of Into the Mythica you will come to understand the principles and expressions which create your story and personal reality.

Over the years of my journey I came to see the landscape of that Quest, gradually discovering the nature of the underlands, the lands beneath the land, and how to map them, and in doing so came to see the nature of the heroic journey and it’s landscape of legend.

As a platform for teaching-through-story, Into the Mythica reveals the nature of this subtle world, using the moments gathered along my twenty-year documentary of exploration to reveal the principles and expressions which support our stories.

Into the Mythica is a temple of devotion to Story.  She is a portal, opening a window from the mundane to the mystical worlds, using the power of story to reveal the invisible world.  Within the structure of the site, you will find stories, videos and comics which act together to open that window, revealing the subtle landscape of the real world of magic.

Yet the subtle world is not so easily seen.  In fact, for those who haven’t yet opened their eyes to the deeper world within themselves, it is invisible.  Beyond their ability to perceive and receive.  In order to present the mystical world, a way needed to a built.  A way that opened a portal of perception, revealing the subtle world beneath the surface of our lives.

To face this challenge, the site was built on the principle of Using the Visible to Reveal the Invisible, opening a portal into the Mythica through real photos of real people, places and events which occurred along the Quest.


Key to this was documenting my Timeline, witnessing and exploring my own alchemical journey of awakening , weaving that into a sequence of years and episodes over a twenty-year period to show and share what i’d learned along the way.  As you move through the Mythica site, we’ll be using that timeline as a grounding point, linking together the various moments along the Quest to show the deeper mythology and meaning going on beneath the surface.

In this way, the Timeline acts as a way of introducing Readers to the Characters, revealing the context in which we arrived along the journey.

Mythos Academy - Teaching the Physics of the Quest

Complementing the Timeline is the Academy.  It’s the place where the principles I talk about in the stories are taught.  Where I show the structure beneath our stories and the physics of our quest.

When I first created Into the Mythica, I envisioned a way to teach what i’d learned about the subtle pathways that connected us all.  To act as a media platform that served as guide and storyteller, featuring both the avatars of the Awakening I had met along the way and the underlying principles which linked us together.  She was to be a new form of storytelling, one that featured REAL people living in the mystical world and showcasing their adventures through the a mixture of medias ranging from article to video to comic book.

I envisioned a platform that could show how our stories were connected, revealing the landscapes of legend and the Wisdom-Keepers I had met along the way.  That held space for the sharing of our stories about the mystical and the magical, teaching the arts of magic through story.

The platform would be a portal.  A way of opening that world to the people, offering it to those willing to take the journey.  Who knew in their heart that there was magic and wonder in the world, that we could change our reality for the brighter.

To create a portal into the subtle world was not easy.  It was a Quest that required the highest of devotions and sacrifice.  Yet now, after years of effort, I am at last able to share the Mythica, a portal to the worlds beneath the world.

The Timeline

Connecting the Characters and the Places is the Timeline.  This is story of my journey into the Mythica, arranged over Years and Chapters.  It showcases the moments when the I met the Avatars of the Awakening and the sacred landscapes we traveled together.

Central to the teaching of the physics of the quest is my timeline, the twenty-year documentation of the alchemical journey into the Mythica.  Think of the timeline as the spine of my story, the thread of Peter Fae’s journey and the gradual understanding of the mystic arts that happened along the way.

Connecting the Characters and the Places is the Timeline.  This is story of my journey into the Mythica, arranged over Years and Chapters.  It showcases the moments when the I met the Avatars of the Awakening and the sacred landscapes we traveled together.



This is the first story of the Mythica, that of Peter Fae discovering the tracking the landscapes of legend.  It is the progression i’ve made through the layers of consciousness, gradually coming to understand the nature of the subtle world and our shared stories.

How it's all Connected

Showing the Invisible through the Visible

To open a window into the subtle layer of the world, I had to create a way of showing the invisible through the visible.  Of revealing the interconnections between things that could be seen on the surface of the world that would open a perception of what lay beneath.

In service to this, all the components of the Mythica work together, weaving the many pieces of the story into a coherent whole.  This means the articles, the videos, the comics and the gradually released episodes on the Timeline all serve a deeper purpose, showing the subtle world from a number of angles, all connected by the roots and branches of synchronicity.

Telling the Great Story

There’s a story beneath the World.  A Great Story.  A sacred text making itself known through an ensemble of characters with shared purpose – to live in a more heavenly earth.

While we have many myths and meanings across the many traditions and cultures, one thing is certain – we all want to live in a brighter place.  In a place where the ancient inequalities and misalignment with our truest selves have been healed.  Where we live in wholeness, back in the Garden of a more heavenly earth.

Yet to return to that Garden is not easy, and to get there we must walk along a landscape of resolving patterns.  Patterns which exist in the subtle places of the self.  Qualities within our subconscious that must be faced to step into a new reality.

Showing through Story

As a teaching story, Into the Mythica uses stories to teach nature of the heroic journey and the landscapes of legend.  In order to do this, i’ll be showing moments from. my twenty-year journey across the subtle world, linking together the moments to reveal a window into the Great Story of our collective Awakening.

Through the Stories, we’ll be showing the principles and physics of the quest, showing examples of what it means to move through the mystical octave of the world.

Showing the Subtle World

To reveal the mystical world, Into the Mythica uses the media to give a visualization of the subtle energies beneath the surface of our stories, showing the underlying patterns of symbols and synchronicities which define our sacred path.

The subtle world is full of energies and archetypes, where vast elemental forces move through the world.

To help anchor this understanding, Into the Mythica

Context is Queen.  When we understand the context of things, the content falls into place.  As a portal to the mystical world, Into the Mythica offers many ways to perceive the subtle layer of reality.

Try the slider above to look between the octaves of the world!

To help us all make our journey through the subtle layer of consciousness that I call the Mythica, this site provides a number of examples which open a window into that world, showing the subtle geography that underlies all our heroic journeys.

Key to understanding our journey through the Mythica is recognizing certain principles, certain physics which underlie our sacred quests.  To help you digest the nature of the subtle world, I provide the Physics of the Quest, certain principles upon which all stories are forged.


Yet to get to this place of harmony is not easy, for we live in a time of great transformation, where we must face the shadows and distortions within ourselves that prevent us from having that reality.  As part of our collective unfoldment, we must learn the clear the pathways of our own inner world, discovering the sacred 

.  Where as individuals and as a collective we realize that to live in a new reality we must be the change we wish to see.  We must learn to become the best version of ourselves, finding our way along the timeline of our life.

It is a journey across the our most innermost fears and aspirations across a landscape of subtle energies, a sacred Quest which takes us through the depths of our shadows to reveal the treasure deep within.

It is a journey to the center of our subtle earth, moving past the surface of our experience into the layers of our deepest and most intimate selves.  An adventure of awakening consciousness where we come to see that the world is much deeper than we ever imagined.

Through the Mythica, we’re going to explore what it means to have a sacred story.  We’re going to look at what it means to walk our Path through life, and what the Landscape of that path is.

Revealing the Characters

No story would exist without it’s Characters.  Like all tales, the journey into the Mythica features the avatars that I have encountered along the way, revealing a bit about their world and wonders in the process.

As you move through the site, Characters will be linked to the Episodes they are featured in as well as linking to videos and interviews which reveal their part in the Great Story.

Publishing Tales from the World of the Mythica

To showcase the Characters and the Events of the Great Story in a new way, Into the Mythica features the modern hieroglyph, in both FREE and purchasable ePubs which reveal the real magical world and lead the Reader to the people and places within!

To honor the Characters presented in the stories, Into the Mythica uses round table revenue, distributing an equal percentage of the sale of each comic to the characters for every purchase.  Meaning – You support them by buying the comic and you learn about the magical world 🙂