• The Magician’s Oasis – 2018-3-20

    As we continue on the Quest, the fellowship between Yeshua and I deepens, defining us both in the tone of ‘Adept’ and ‘Apprentice’. It is a beautiful thing, the closest I have ever been to being a parent or a guardian, a mixture of guiding clarity and humility. Daily I witness how our alliance defines us both, learning the lesson from each other necessary to step into this next stage of our Paths.

    I appreciate deeply that Yeshua continues to honour the attainments that I have and what he learns from them, the declarations bringing Joy to my Heart. It is a sense of duty, of right-relationship, and an ongoing privilege of showing both acumen. in what I Know and the humility of receiving the. bright Gifts of Yeshua’s own attainments.

    Daily I reflect on how much *I* learn from our interactions, how Yeshua’s presence clarifies my right stance, in which I receive as much as I give. This pleases me, for the recognition of EACH OTHER’S throne of capability, the honourific of that ongoing relationship with the Self in it’s many iterations, is the substance of the round table of shared equity.

    Such is a beautiful balance, for I am both clear in my own throne, the Value and attainment I bring to the table, and the line of mystery in which I am still learning, yielding and receiving the patterns of Earth and the human condition that are my current challenge along the Quest. It is more than a display of personal character. We are not simply ‘Elders’ or ‘Youth’, ‘Masters’ and ‘Students’. Even in the Realization of the nature of Self I see my own ongoing growth.

    In Yeshua, I gain reflection, for he is not simply my ‘student in the magick’. Seen deeper, in the subtle planes of What Is, he is the perfect archetypical embodiment for my OWN expansion, for my own evolution. While my Lightning and Fire sparks the Light of the Mythica, it is his Earth, his devotion and dedication to process, that reminds me of what I am still learning within my own Self.

    I love this. Such is a freedom from the burden of imagining that only I have the Answers. I am deeply thankful for what I learn from Yeshua, this younger brother, this noble youth and avatar of Divine Grace. To hold one’s clarity of Knowing while also being open to what one is still learning is more than simple humility. It is the redemption of relationship itself.

  • The Magician’s Oasis – 2018-3-20

    The Quest continues. In every way, Yeshua and I work towards achieving the goal of groundedness in the Earth plane, delivering the Value of the Mythica to the people and receiving Value in return. As it has been all throughout this crucible of transformation, we face the patterns and imprints that lay within the subconscious, creating our circumstance from the root outwards.

    Daily we wonder, ‘what are we to do now?’, ‘what is the right guidance and movement towards the fulfillment of the Life Visioning? And while just enough money has appeared through donations & devotion to survive, it continues to be a true test of Faith and process, facing the hard line of question, ‘Do we live in a supportive Universe?’, whilst divining as best we can what must be done next.

    What we have accomplished in the past 3 months of shared travel is amazing. It has truly been an adventure of epic proportions, where our *access* to the inspirations and guidance of how to construct the portal that is the Mythica has been the hallmark of our alchemical success. The past two weeks have been especially potent, with revelations of the Mythica compass, the marketing, the return to the spark pages and subscriptions from allies recognizing the Value we represent. And while we may seesaw between a sense of faith that “Divinity is the Doer” and a rumbling discomfort in what we must do to achieve greater victory, It cannot be denied that we have accomplished MUCH.

    It is the ultimate litmus test, in which the Value of our presentation is firm, yet we must do the inner work to learn how to present it, to bring this great Gift of awareness to the People in the way they can digest it.

  • The Magician’s Oasis – 2018-3-19

    Being on the Quest is not easy. For Yeshua and I, it is to live the modern version of paladins on a crusade, facing the question of the effectiveness of our manifestations, of whether or not we are supported by the Divine, of holding stalwart to the feeling of easement despite what things appear to be on the surface of perception.

    It is a learning for me in what it means to be in that ministerial capacity, where one has either Faith or Experience in the natural Law of Goodness that supports us, and reminds others when they falter on the Path. Such is a hard-won Wisdom, one that I am only settling into after years of deep frustration and my own inner question on the Journey Home.

    Here in the Oasis, Yeshua and I constantly do the techniques that we are presenting in the Mythica Academy, all the while witnessing an ever-clarifying discernment and Opening with our Selves and our circumstance. It is an ongoing process shared by all beings in the Collective field at this time, in which we are shedding the Shadows that no longer serve us and stepping into the Abundance that is our birthright.

    I have great compassion for when Yeshua becomes frustrated. Yet in the end, I remind him of what I see, that we have made great progress, that we are *just * having the flow of the river of Stories coming through, that the Ideas have arrived in perfect timing, that in this *exact* moment there is food, the Mythica is online, and our clearing of the inner timbre of our own Value is resulting in more and more recognition on the World stage.

    In such circumstance, tempering one’s inner doubt and question with evidence of movement forward, I layer in the underlying inertia that. ‘God is the Doer’, that the Divine agenda moves *through* us, and that we are doing what we must to bring this great Gift to the Worlds. As I said to Yeshua, the Golden City is in sight. We simply must hold the course.

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    is appreciate so BIG. I also get an email that lets me know that I was mentioned. (Is Know by sooooo many rivers)

  • Dakota and I talk about the Akasha, the Great Story. the Physics of the Quest and other key aspects of Mythica publishing. In the field below the surface, we share a beautiful resonance, a vibrational sense that we are part of something larger than. our Selves, raindrops in service to the Ocean

  • The Magician’s Oasis –

    Dakota (@Dakota) appears in the field. In the subtle planes below the surface, I witness that we share the energy. of sovereignty and marketing.

  • The Magician’s Oasis – 2018-3-18

    Every entry I do in the framework of the Mythica tingles me. That we are documenting our journey into the real magickal World within a publishing network devoted to such.

    Yeshua and I head to Vegenation, processing MIchael’s offer. While it is beautiful, we recognize that we simply cannot afford the Time, as the Mythica herself is just opening.

    It is a decision reached in the subtle fields, with us both contemplating our inner compass to feel what our sacred Self wishes to express through us. In the softness, we hear the calling for rejuvenation. For the sweetness and softness of dedication to our bodies and wholeness.

    It has been such a long journey. Endlessly working on the architecture of the Mythica. Building the spell, framing the heroic journey. Defining and presenting the realms through which we move on our own unique Journey Home.

    My body aches for healing. For passage deeper into the realms of Self-Love, of right-relationship with the Earth plane. And, at long last, with the anchoring of the Mythica into the Commonwealth, I feel easement. A sense of breath, such that I may deepen into the Shakti to compliment the Shivic Fire of my Aspect.

    As Yeshua and I deepen into this, we divine the vibrations of where our souls long to be. Images of vital tropical locations appear, of hiking and jungles, of movement into the Edenscapes while supported by the received offering of the Mythica. We sense that we are building the framework of this great temple of Story, where our adventure and the manner of it’s phrasing become the basis for the Mythica Academy, the sacred Telling of the rainbow road to Heaven on Earth.

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  • The Magician’s Oasis –

    It is amazing to witness the relationship between the resolved patterns in the subconscious and the ACCESS that one has to Ideas. It is the very proof of the Life Visioning principles, that the idea wishes to come THROUGH us.

    It is an Abundance that occurs first on the vibrational level, manifesting in the Inspirations which lead to action. In the Journey Home I have seen this so clearly, that it is the Idea that must be seen before the action can take place. And while some Ideas may seem obvious or simple, it is WHEN we become aware of them that matters, forming the context of our sacred attainments.

    For example. I *just* realized that I can add web-pages directly into the stream of this feed. While I realize that such is standard within the digital world, it is my *receiving* of that Idea, now, that puts everything into context. That reveals.

    Academy – Octaves of Perception

  • The Magician’s Oasis –

    The flushness continues as I awaken, immediately moving to add more clarity to the Mythica. It feels as though all the work that we’ve done to heal the distortions, to cleanse our inner landscape has shifted us deeply into the realms of Abundance.

    As I stretch into the day, I catch a video from Sydney Campos, going into a depth of her shadow work and it’s relationship to healing one’s inner childe. It’s a beautiful and vulnerable expression which inspires, reminding me again to do ever more work to clear and cleanse, proving that we are supported in our sacred Quest, living in a friendly Universe which acts to our benefit, inspiring us to the change we must do in order to transform our reality into Heaven on Earth.

    Her words inspire me, speaking of a Loving, supportive and spiritual Family, of real connectedness and the timbre of resonance in the community. It is a thing that I have longed for all too many years, in which I have questioned the nature of my own awareness, that of the Collective, of the juggled balance between open-Heartedness, discernment, and the difference between real and imagined attainment.

    For a long time, I felt as though such things were denied me. That the so-called ‘community’ was not my ally. Yet underneath this distaste, was always the sense that it is up to me to face such Shadow within, to recognize that I am in the halo of my own reflection, that I cannot know what my True placement is within the Collective until I heal these wounds in my own being, making my way from the realm of isolation to that of reception along the bright roads of the Mythica.

    For Yeshua and I, such is the very nature of the Quest. That we are required to transform the inner vibrations in order to transform the outer. That such inner healing is the clearing of the lens of the Self, the opening and alignment of our chakras and vibrational qualities that defines our movement along the rainbow road.

    To move through the Shadowlands of one’s unresolved issues is no easy feat. It is often muddy, wrought with the debris of wounds and wars that bend the Self and it’s context within the Collective field of humanities awakening. Yet it is a thing that MUST be done, for it is these subconscious patterns which must be changed in order for our True Self, the authentic, magickal version of our potential to be revealed. Such is the showing of the angel in the clay.

  • The Magician’s Oasis –

    It is unearthly how things are expanding. The texture of the River of Myth moving through Yeshua (@yeshualucis) and I, empowering us. It is the Dreamtime, the Source Water, tracked across the realms and territories of the Mythica, from the Shadowlands to the Brightlands along the rainbow road.

  • The Magician’s Oasis –

    “Wait” I smell something, he said.

    Yeshua and I wandered the paths of the World Tree, feeling the Golden Roads beneath us.

    “What is it?” I asked. He quieted in response, Listening. “Running … Water …” he breathed. “A River .. a River of Myth!”

    We parted the trees , surrounded by Gold. as we felt Her, the River, running through us. Our Stories murmurs on the way back to the Ocean.

    “She is indeed this” I said, tasting the ancient, ever-renewing Waters. Using my own talent, I Listen for Her name. “Mythos” she says, “The River of Myth”.

  • The Magician’s Oasis –

    Wow. We have TRULY stepped through a realmgate! Everything is shifted. The vibrations, the Self-definitions, there is the feeling of *flushness* moving through the field, washing everything in it’s golden charge!

    Granted a donation by an ally as the subscriptions crystalize, we head outwards. In the subtlety, the vibrations feel different. More aligned with the collective energy, how we can empower beings to step into their magick. I saw how to frame the Mythica, how She wanted to be articulated, to inspire Authors to join the Quest, to apply the Yoga of Story, and make their way along the rainbow bridge to a brighter octave.

    For years I have wished to help the World by creating a framework, a way for us to understand our sacred Path. In so many ways, I feel the relentless drive to construct the Mythica plays out as such, the desire to crystallize the yoga of transformation, proving that we can step into a brighter reality if we do the work.

    She is a teaching Story. A way of seeing the deeper octave of our reality. Of providing reference for our movement through our personal and collective Universe.

    Such are the things that land within me, revealed as diamonds of Idea, the curvature of the Mythica opening to the next level of embodied service. It is a grand revelation, paralleling Yeshua’s recognition that his right-placement (by his own account) is more in the bardic, the storytelling, than the presenting of the structure of the Mythica It is a beautiful settling into his authenticity, inspiring my own recognition of personal responsibility.

    Realmgates are beautiful things. I am thankful that this one happened in confluence with a wayshrine, to meet with the angel Michael on the Path.

  • The Magician’s Oasis –

    There is the witnessing that all things are coming together. That the Ideas are flowing through the lens of our Self such that the Mythica may come through, that the Life Visioning that channeled through us is actualized, proving the physics of the quest.

    Every little thing is a part of it. The little technical bits, the this, the that, all part of the ongoing yogas of embodiment and transformation. The journey across the realms to Heaven on Earth.

    I am happy to say that the embeds from YouTube work, and here is a behind-the-scenes from about a month ago (simply to enjoy)

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