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Peter Fae

Deva, ambassador of Shiva

Born with siddhic powers and designed to open a portal into the new paradigm, Peter Fae is the creator of <a href="" title="Into the Mythica">Into the Mythica</a>, a multimedia network designed to showcase the real magical World, featuring the avatars of the Awakening and a vast Academy designed to teach the people how to step into their natural magics and embody their highest self.


para citta ādi abhijñatā
Devānām saha krīḍā anudarśanam
Akashic Awareness


Tantric Opening

Peter Fae is an Opener, with the rare ability to help beings activate their inherent mystical gifts by assisting them in clearing the patterns which block the emergence of their highest potential. He is the creator of <a href="" title="The Akasha">Akasha</a> Yoga, and has dissolved the approaches of many modalities into a primal and intuitive process of shared consciousness that changes the very shape of the self.


Sharing the Magic

In this video, Peter Fae discusses the nature of his Quest to share the magical World, documenting his journey into the Mythica and the creation of the Into the Mythica website

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