signal to noise

 As explorers on a journey through consciousness, we are in the process of bringing our own vibrational state into coherence. This is much like tuning the dial on the radio or focusing the lens of the camera such that what we are striving to perceive is clear.  What makes this tremendously difficult is that when we are incoherent, we are incapable of perceiving things as they are.  It is like the radio signal delivering only static.  

The idea of coherence is deeply related to the journey to a brighter reality. It speaks to the understanding that there is a more coherent version of the vibrational pattern that is one’s current self.  That by bringing the electromagnetics of our consciousness into coherence we shall experience a more expansive and harmonious reality.

  On a structural level, the idea of coherence is intrinsically related to the manifestation of a more heavenly earth. It is the understanding that the inspiration‘s and abundance that we seek already exists in the field of consciousness, and that our access to this is defined by how coherent or incoherent our perception is.  This relates directly to manifestation. When we approach manifestation from the perspective that we are generating the vibrational feeling of the reality that we prefer in our inner world, the coherence and consistency of our ability to generate that sensation determines our success.

Simply put, You have to be coherent enough to maintain the invocation. Even deeper, without a certain level of coherence, you won’t even have access to the idea. In this way The movement from incoherence to coherence along our timeline becomes a measure of success on our journey of self-realization, for when we have achieved a certain degree of coherence, that is, a certain anchored and consistent clarity into who we really are or what we really want, we have changed the electromagnetics of what we will be and have become something new. This plays out directly in our path, where we may view our timeline as a Movement from one state of coherence to another. For example – there are times when we have access to an idea. Something that will be healthy for us. Something that will be more expensive. Then, inexplicably, we lose access to the idea and we cannot fully hold onto the fullness of the expression. What has happened?  From a standpoint of electromagnetics, we could not maintain coherence of the idea. 

In this context, there is a divine pattern to your life. A version of your reality which is free from the self-destructive and incoherent patterns which form the brunt of our challenges. There is a more clarified version of who you are. Of who we all are.  As we make the journey of self-discovery, we gradually come to recognize this pattern. As we do this, we align with the very definition of personal alignment, The unique aspect of God being human that is your current self. Yet while this exists at the core of each and everyone of us, Most beings exist in a place of incoherence, unable to deeply perceive the divine design that defines their most authentic self.  To investigate this design, to move into a mindfulness of one’s own resolving coherence, to step into the deeper embodiment of our awakened self, is the heroic journey itself. The discovery and embodiment of the purpose for which we were born.