Source of Stories

Different cultures and states of being have their own creation story.  This is one of them. Everything starts somewhere.  Our Universe, the blessed Creation through which we get to experience our sacred Story, rising from the Creator of all things, the Source of the Idea which dances it’s infinite fractals across the skein of space and time.

To envision this, consider a blank canvas.  Infinite.  Without ripples or penstrokes.  Empty.  Formless.  This is the substance of form before the Big Bang. Now imagine a single Idea, that of a Universe of inspirations and interconneced Wonders, appearing on that canvas.  As it does, see it fractal outwards into a infinite variety of iterations, all small fragments of the one great Idea, fulfilling their part in the revelation of the much greater whole.Such is the Original Will, the voice of the Creator singing the tone of opening the stage of our Stories.  The origin of the impressions which ripple through the once-blank canvas of the Akasha, forming all the relationships that have or will ever be across the tableau of space, time, and depth of being.  It is this Divine intelligence that gives rise to the endless variety of experiences we have in the human condition, intrinsically connected through the most subtle of gravities in our journey back Home. There is no separation.  All ideas are derived from the original Idea.  All will, from the Original Will.  The spark of Divine intelligence that gives rise to All That Is.  Understanding this gives vantage on the genesis of all causality, including the Divine design that forms our unique droplet of self.

Aka – Archetypes of Form