threads of life

Everything in life is a pattern.  A repetition in the cycles of Nature.  What we experience as our mortal lives is a repetition of those patterns in a vastly intricate and complex way that creates the experience of conscious awareness of ourselves.  Yet while the patterns which make up the many varietals of the human condition are many, they are more simple and more constant than are often perceived. Like all aspects of the journey of awareness this relates to how aware we are of the patterns of life, which is to say, how the pattern of life appear to us through the aspect of that pattern that makes up our karmic perspective. Examples of patterns – weave, threadwork, lightning bolts crackling out over time, the silouette of a human being, the veins and arteries of the earth, the doshas, the elemental nature of things, everything is a constant pattern.  What changes here is the individual incarnate’s ability to perceive those patterns, reminding again that the factor which is changing is perception itself, perception of the larger form through the smaller.

We are a part of the land. What we experience in our lives are part of that landscape, made of the threads of life itself. The thread of life that is your timeline is made of many threads, and our relationship is with the Fates.

To ground this into your life, think of a weave of multicolored strings, each of them representing the electromagnetic pattern which defines your life. In this context, YOU are made of the strings, made of a weave of karmic threads which move across the land.

To truly understand this, we must look at the idea of monocarnate & transcarnate perspectives on life, to see the patterns of our life as they occur beyond our singular body and it’s story into the much larger dimensions of Life herself.

Here we must learn to see how the threads of our Fate & Fortune are but a small part of a larger weave, the myth of our Character and it’s timeline part of a much larger tapestry of interrelated events.

Seen from this perspective, every aspect of the human condition is a threadwork of patterns which repeat over and over again within the cycles of nature.  Yet while this is the absolute causality of our experience in the mortal plane, where things become fascinating is the point where we exert conscious influence over the threads, when we become the weaver of our life. Such is the point of our relationship with Fate and Fortune.