The Path
Understanding Your Heroic Journey

Understanding Your Path

There is no separation between the psychoemotional experiences You are having and the circumstances of your Life.  Understanding this is key to witnessing the unfoldment of your sacred Story.  As we travel along our Heroic Journey towards the revelation of who we really are we experience challenges, which demand the evolution of our Character.  They are the very real patterns that exist within our Life, continuing until they are resolved and we experience the treasure waiting to be had in that Victory.

Central to this is the idea of the Self.  Of our particular and individual Self and it’s movement along it’s own heroic journey.  Are you a woman? Are you a man? Where were you born? What are the experiences that have defined you until this moment? All of these things come together, to form the experience of having a ‘Self’.

As spiritual beings having a human experience, we have the privilege of experiencing what it means to have a Self.  To go through the evolution of our character over our Life, on the road from ignorance to the Realization of our own enlightened Divinity.

This is the essence of all personal process, at it’s core, and is defined by certain fundamental Laws of the human experience, what in the Mythica we call the Physics of the Quest.  It is a thing that is simultaneously  impersonal and entirely, intimately personal.  In which there is a constant gravity to which ALL Stories resolve and a uniqueness that is Your personal Path.  Your personal Quest … connected to a much larger Story which includes each and every being on the planet.

Yet what is the Quest? How does the Quest resolve?

Our lives are made of patterns.  Patterns that create the circumstances of our lives and the ways in which we relate to those experiences.  Due to the nature of our blossoming awareness, this can be difficult to track.  Often times, we experience the same pattern, over and over, without realizing it’s cause … often times not even seeing that it is the same pattern, repeating.

There is a vibrational basis to these patterns, which plays out as the ways in which we perceive and interact with our reality.


Your Story is Sacred
Embrace the Journey

The Journey is not easy.  Like children, we must find our way through seemingly insurmountable obstacles, discovering the strength within us to forge the way.  Often we do not know why things are happening, only that we must do the best we can.


Face Your Challenges

Along the way there will be challenges.  Things You must face.  Fears you must confront.  Such is the nature of the Quest.

Step into a Better World

Yet in the end …. we can make it through. We can come to a deeper World.  A better World.


The Heroic Landscape
The Surface World

When most beings think of a map, they think of roads, of oceans and forest, sidewalks, mountains, and other aspects of their reality.  Yet in the context of the Mythica, this is merely the Surface perception of a much larger, more intricate topography.  The Surface of the Land.


To understand the Heroic Landscape upon which one’s journey progresses, we must see the relationship between the Surface and Subtle perceptions of the Land.

As with all aspects of the magickal World, this is directly related to awareness, the ability to see the vibrational nature of our circumstance and how it relates to our Heroic Journey.

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The Subtle World
(Realms of the Mythica)

What we encounter on the surface perception of our awareness is but an echo of the Real World which lay beneath.  A movement across a landscape of vibrational realms, all of which relate to the evolution of our particular Self, our heroic journey towards the revelation of the Gift that lay within us.  Understanding this is crucial to navigating one’s way to Heaven on Earth.  When we understand that the circumstances of our Life have a vibrational basis, and that we are moving through the specific realms of that vibration, we start to get a glimpse of the Real World that lay beneath the surface, of which our surface experience is but a shadow.

In the context of the Mythica, this is a movement along the roots of the World Tree, the underlying weave of our individual and collective destinies across the surface and subtle aspects of the Aina, the sacred Land of Myth.

The Brightlands and the Shadowlands

The Heroic Journey travels through many realms.  Many different perspectives.  Some of them are dark.  Some are them are bright.

In the context of the Path, these can be considered the Brightlands and the Shadowlands.  The clarified or distorted versions of your potential reality.  These are integrally tied into one’s point-of-view, which is a by-product of their current vibration.  Our journey is across sa landscape of these realms, where we clear the imprints within the prism of our Self (see Physics of the Quest) so as to move into ever more redeemed and expansive aspects of our reality.

In simple terms – When we are in a dim, scarce vibration, when things are tight and unhealthy, we are in the Shadowlands.  We cannot See.  The energy of our Self is clouded, and we cannot see the beauty or Grace that surrounds us.  In contrast, when we are expansive, when we are aligned with the Goodness and Grace that is the True nature of the Universe, when we experience openness of our energy and our perspective, we are in the Brightlands.

Movement across the Heroic Landscape is an energetic act, one in which we travel through many realms of potential manifestation.