Teaching the Physics of the Quest

There is a physics beneath all of our stories.  A framework that gives rise to our sacred Path and Land.  A structure beneath our story.  To make the journey into the subtle world, we must understand these structures, to see the way they play out on our unique timeline of experience.

In this way Into the Mythica faces the great task of demystifying the mystical arts, of realizing a consistent set of principles that give context to our heroic journey through consciousness.

As you explore the Mythica, you’ll come upon glyphs, icons that can be clicked on that will give you more information or take you to an entirely different part of the site.  Try the one below! 

What You're Going to Learn

Throughout this site I will be teaching you what it has meant for me to travel into the subtle landscape of the world, revealing how we all move through it all the time and how it relates to our manifest worlds.

 I will be sharing stories from my Quest, bringing in interviews with Characters I have along the way and delivering the teachings in the modern-day hieroglyph of the comic book.  I will be showing the nature of the Yoga of Story and the Physics of the Quest, and opening a window into the wonders of the Tree of Life.

Everyone walks a sacred path.  Their personal Quest of self-realization, moving along the timeline of their life.  Yet while each of our lives is unique, there is a set of principles which define all our stories.  These are the physics of the quest.

Discover the Rainbow Beneath the Road

Even deeper, I will show you the nature of how to make your own journey into the Mythica, revealing the nature of the rainbow bridge between realities  strung on the roots and branches on the world.

It is my heartfelt intention that you are empowered by this portal into the mystical world, that you come to explore your own Path and the landscape of your legend, and discover the treasure along your rainbow road.

Open a Portal into the Subtle World

Discover the Landscapes of Legend

As you move along your Path, you will encounter these qualities, moving through them in the rainbow of your inner world.  It is a sacred journey across the subtle planes of your existence.  Your personal landscape of legend.  

Reveal the Tree of Life

Every story has a landscape.  A string of synchronicities which blends together like the scenes in a movie.  In the Academy, you’ll learn the nature of the Tree of Life, the foundation for all adventures and the timelines of our shared Awakening.

Weaving it all together

To teach the physics of the quest through stories, Into the Mythica was designed as a mystical wikipedia, linking together the various pages and stories to show real-life examples of how they have occurred along the Quest.


Layers of the Land

There are many layers to the landscape of our legend.  Many layers to our movement across the surface and subtle layers of our personal adventure.


Mythosphere - The Subtle Land

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Akasphere - The Causal Land