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Welcome to the Mythica! A new form of Storytelling and sacred commerce.  Into the Mythica is a media platform for the dissemination of spiritual education, designed to help the People come to realization of their inner glory.  She does this by illustrating the Laws of Nature in the context of one’ heroic journey to the manifestation of Heaven on Earth.

As a spiritual crusade to help humanity, Into the Mythica is supported by donations, reflections of the appreciation of the value of the effort to illustrate the Great Story of our emergence through her Authors and proving the techniques that clear our lens of consciousness to receive the Abundance that is our birthright.

In the narrative of the Mythica, You will be supporting the presentation of the yoga of Story, a tried and proven method of opening to the deeper octaves of one’s experience, as well as the upcoming Academy, Marketplace and Social Network that reveal the real mythical World.  Moreso, you are supporting the declaration and veneration of our sacred planet and the many subtleties to which we are just now awakening to, an entire World of mysticism and real magick that waits to be seen.

That being said, I ask for your consideration in this – The Mythica is currently under construction.  The reality is, I travel from place to place, documenting the magick, and constantly build out the site as this happens.  Soon enough i’ll have a place to stop and do even more editing, but in the meantime, your support is integral for the movement forward! It is my honour to witness our tribe and the Awakening humanity, providing a platform to see how we are all connected.  Magick is real.

Thank you deeply for your subscription, and stay tuned for amazing behind-the-scenes content going deeper into the tips and techniques for changing and embodying your own mythic life.

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