Sacred Places

There are many sacred places in the world. Locations in the coordinates of consciousness where the vibration is clean and radiant, where we have an expanded opportunity to transform our consciousness and step closer to the embodiment of our highest self.

While the vibrational substance of the planet is the primary source of places of power and potency, the full spectrum of sacred places and the effect they have on our path and purpose extends beyond the surface of the land into the subtle – into the associations and resonances we have as individuals.

Take for example the archetypical journey of a pilgrim on quest. They can be any gender, any nationality, any race, creed or color – for being human is deeper and more implicate than such affectations. As they move along their timeline they encounter certain places, locations both within and without in which they find resonance – a sense of harmony within the structure of their self.


There are many coordinates within the space of the Akasha.  Many places where the constellations of our stars meet along the roots and branches of the World Tree.