Witnessing the Wonder (Mapping the Akasha)

In World of the Mythica by Peter Fae

Life.  Unscripted.

Into the Mythica is a new form of Storytelling.  One that showcases the REAL magickal World.  That reveals the underlying synchronicitieswitnessing the wonder 1 of our connections and educates and Awakens both the Author and the Reader. 

She is based on the principle of witnessing, rather than contriving experience.  The photos you see, the Stories, the arrival of the Characters all happened organically.  There were no pre-arranged meetings, no models, no sets, no photoshop.  Simply witnessing the manifestation of the physics of the Quest. By doing so, by engaging the yoga of arriving, I came to see the Truth - that we are all connected, part of the Akasha, arriving in each other's lives in perfect synchronicity in accordance with the unfoldment of our dharma, our Life Purpose.

She answers the question – Do things happen for a reason? Is there a deeper plan to the unfoldment of our lives? A reason behind the synchronicities and divinations that make up our sacred Paths?

How do we showcase the subtle unfoldment of God’s plan? How do we witness that which is larger than our current horizon? At the core of this is Witnessing our experience.  Of authentically documenting the Moments that occur in accordance with the physics of the Quest.  Proving that we live in the reflection of our own reflection of Self.

To demonstrate this, to illustrate the real World of myth and deeper relationship with the Creation, I followed a strict discipline.  What one could call the Art of Arriving, or Witnessing the Wonder.  I would never set the photos up.  No photoshop, no cropping, no models, no sets.

Everything HAD to happen, it had to arise, organically, on the Path.  By only doing this, and applying the subtle arts to change my prism of Self, I aimed to prove that we lived in the elemental reflection of our own imprints.  That by living a life of Wonder, by learning to witness the deeper octaves of one's experience, we could map out the ley lines of our blossoming consciousness.

She would be a proof, a window of authenticity into the World of real, deep embodiment that occurs through the physics of the Quest.  In which we live in moments of extraordinary beauty.  A map, revealing the beaut of the Akasha, the ocean of our shared consciousness and our place within that.

For fourteen years as the Mythica was developing, I tracked my Path across the realms of my own manifestation.  Using my camera to set a trail of golden crumbs, polished mirrors to help light the way of other adventurous souls.  The photos, woven along the timeline, connected to the greater network of the Mythica would reveal the nature of Worlds.  In the galleries connected to this page, the photos are organized by year, correlating to the timeline of the Journey Home.  As well, a number of collections have been put together, to feature the bright avatars that I have been privileged to witness on the Path.

About the Author

Peter Fae

Peter Fae is an Author, Adventurer and Yogi, documenting his journey along the rainbow bridge to Heaven on Earth. He is the creator of Into the Mythica, Akasha Yoga and Author of The Journey Home.

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